Losing My Foreclaws

This wasn’t my idea. I know now it wasn’t my girl’s idea either. It was her mother’s. That woman wouldn’t let Spot or me into house until after we had our foreclaws removed. It was major surgery. Not a pleasant thing. I was already a middle aged cat at the time. I don’t remember the surgery, which is probably a good thing. My girl believes removing a cat’s foreclaws is a form of mutilation. She is correct. We are maimed for the rest of our lives. Yet, too many humans think it’s a good thing to do. What they mean … Continue reading Losing My Foreclaws

Furever Human

This month’s cat vocabulary is a term from Twitter known as furever human which means the human a cat gets to live with for the rest of their lives after living in a shelter. Cats tend to get excited when they meet their furever human or even humans. They just know when they smell us. When they see us. They try to get our attention to let us know they know. Or at least it’s something like that. When I met Nuri for the first time, she was in a shelter. She was off by herself. I saw her alone. … Continue reading Furever Human

Cat Quotes 2:06

There’s no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat. —Wesley Bates Cats are real and living pieces of art. They have so much grace. They are quite athletic. All the jumping they can do. The climbing. The loafing. All with such grace as to make us believe they have some secrets we haven’t mastered yet. The trouble with cats is that they’ve got no tact. —P. G. Wodehouse Cats are bold. They will tell you what they think of you without caring how you will react to it. They don’t sugar coat the truth. … Continue reading Cat Quotes 2:06


We cats have active imaginations. My girl is one human who still has an active imagination as an adult. I think that might be one reason she gets so silly. We do have an active imagination in common. I think that’s why she understands what I’m doing when I’m stalking my food bowl. She knows I’m pretending to hunt and sneak upon my prey. She finds it amusing. When she plays with Spot, they both are using their active imaginations. She will tease him with a teddy bear. He pretends the teddy bear is someone to play with. They can … Continue reading Imagination

The Rainbow Blankie

I love my rainbow blankie–   it wasn’t mine, originally, but that didn’t matter:   Momma finished it for me, and now I am the owner of her rainbow blankie.   It’s a blankie like no other– rainbow wool and fleece and bits of handmade memories:   a scarf, a sock, a sweater sleeve, remnants of nights spent by Momma’s knee as she worked magic on a blankie just for me (unknowingly).   It smells like her, and now like me, where I revel in rainbow dreams and whiskered tuna reveries where I chase mice and birds across imaginary fields … Continue reading The Rainbow Blankie