Epistles from the Emperor: Vol. VIII

We interrupt your usual monthly communication from the emperor to bring you an emergency missive! Pay attention, readers, for this is an important message from his highness, Emperor Julius! His highness is currently being held hostage and subjected to atrocious acts. Despite his power, he is currently unable to escape from this predicament. His highness requests assistance immediately. He does not know if he will survive. Should he survive, he will be a shadow of his former self, haunted by nightmares. He is suffering horrors he hoped never to experience. The Emperor is being given a bath! This emergency missive … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol. VIII

Living with Humans

Living with humans isn’t always great, but from what I hear, it’s better than living outside. I’ve never lived outside very long. Just that time I was so mad about the kitten, but eventually my girl convinced me to go back home with her. I did and I haven’t regretted it since. At least she never had many other humans in our home as other humans I used to live with. Before her, I wasn’t as loved and cherished. I was the cat who was ignored. She changed that. So, if you’re a cat and you’re lucky enough to get … Continue reading Living with Humans


For any cats, treats are those items they don’t need to help them stay alive. They are those food items which they like to have and may claim they never got them when you ask them. They are small bite size pieces and cats never need much or they could gain weight as many humans can. Treats are something cats like to have when they’re available, but they can get tired of them if they get them too often or too much of them at any time. Continue reading Treats

Tail Expressions

Tail expressions tend to be overlooked by many humans. But our tails can communicate in ways our meows can’t. For example, when a cat carries their tail upright, it means they are happy. I know I walk around with my tail upright often. I’m quiet, but I’m still quite content. If the tail is down low, such as lying straight on the cat’s back, it means the cat is nervous. Nuri used to walk like that when she first went to live with my girl. After Nuri learned how safe her new home was and how good my girl is, … Continue reading Tail Expressions

Cat Quotes 3:08

Even the stupidest cat seems to know more than any dog. —Eleanor Clark Dogs are content to please and be good for their humans. Cats know how to get the same care without having to please. They can get what they need and want from their humans without those things. They can be quite adorable. They know what they are doing. It’s no wonder that I can’t say no to them. A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not. —Ernest Hemingway Cats have no reason to … Continue reading Cat Quotes 3:08

Mittens for Kittens

Fuzzy and cuddly,Mittens wornOn hands and feetGoing beyondThe obsoleteEnjoying winter weatherWithout wondering whetherOr not to go outsideBecause chills might causeUnreasonable thrills,But also learn to Relax and chill,And simply find a wayTo enjoy this only dayNo matter whatOthers say,And remember toCope with the cold,And never worryAbout getting old,And express thankfulnessFor only thisMoment in time,Which is the present,And never resent Continue reading Mittens for Kittens