Top 5 YouTube Cats

Happy November, dear readers! As a change of pace from our usual Epistles from the Emperor, Julius and I are counting down our top 5 favorite cat YouTubers for this month’s article. It probably comes as no surprise that one of our favorite–or at least, my favorite–pastimes is watching cat videos on YouTube. (I don’t know if Julius appreciates videos of other cats, but he does like videos of mice.) Over years of cat video-curating, I have come across a number of online cat personalities that have purred their way into my favorites list. Here’s my top 5 cats I … Continue reading Top 5 YouTube Cats


Cats tend to be limber. We can stretch in ways which astound any human we live with. It makes my girl remark how well we can do yoga without being taught. One reason why we are so limber is because we have a lot of little bones which creates a lot of joints. All those bones allow us to stretch and lay in positions humans can’t. So, humans, be amazed. We’ll keep at it and entertain you some more and convince you we are the best creatures in the world. Continue reading Limber

Cat Quotes 3:11

In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat. —Warren Eckstein Of course God gave us cats to guide us and teach us better social skills. Who better than to teach us than cats? With their emotional honesty and simple view of the world, I’ve learned more from them than living with humans. There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat. —Tay Hohoff When cats aren’t ignoring me, it is a real blessing to be greeted by them when I get home. Any cat I’ve lived … Continue reading Cat Quotes 3:11

Living in a Shelter

From what I hear from cats who have been in shelters, some are good and some are bad. Some shelters kill cats if they been in them too long and no one has adopted them. Others keep on taking care of the cats no matter what. The point of shelters is to keep cats off the streets and give them a chance to have a home of their own. It’s not a fool proof system. The best any cat can do is to appear their cutest to attract a human caretaker. I wish we could have had featured charities such … Continue reading Living in a Shelter

Head Butts

When a cat approaches a human and head butts the human, it’s a form of affection. It’s a way for the cat to tell the human how they feel. It is just one of the many things a cat will do to a human to tell the human the cat loves them. It’s not a form of abuse. Cats tend to play rough each other and their favorite humans. Cats tend to treat their favorite humans as honorary cats. That’s why cats give their favorite humans head butts. Continue reading Head Butts