Top 5 YouTube Cats: Garden Edition

April showers have definitely brought May flowers to casa Julius this year, dearest readers — a world that was swept with winter and bitter cold just weeks ago has suddenly begun to transform into a realm of green. Every spring season, the emperor dutifully supervises from the top of his seven foot cat tree as his imperial gardener works her magic in the soil and transforms his winter view into a luxurious summer one. Soon, Julius’ sights will be full of beautiful displays of blooming trees, budding flowers, and singing birds. (The birds are probably the most important feature.) Being … Continue reading Top 5 YouTube Cats: Garden Edition


Beware when a cat hisses at you. It’s a warning. We may not like you. We may not like the way you’re treating us. Or perhaps we just don’t feel well. Cats like humans can get irritable. We get sick on occasion. Hopefully, not very often. When our favorite people die or never come back to visit us or be with us, we get depressed. We can get upset when new people come into our lives. But a hiss is just a warning. It means we want you to give us some space. Just leave us alone for a bit. … Continue reading Hiss

Being Shy Can Cause Others to Overlook You

I wish it wasn’t true. I know it’s true though. Sometimes even cats get overlooked because we’re shy. In my case, I can be fast and I know how to hide. But in my girl’s case, people just like to overlook her because she’s not outgoing enough for them. I don’t understand that attitude. Being shy shouldn’t cause this reaction. I know we don’t always want to be around others, but does that mean we ask to be overlooked? No, it doesn’t. I know I’m quiet. I still have things to say and write about. I have much to contribute … Continue reading Being Shy Can Cause Others to Overlook You

Cat Quote 4:05

Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them. —Jim Davis Cats just don’t care what anyone thinks of them. They are that independent. Humans may worry about what others think and tend to hide parts of themselves to appear more socially acceptable. I’m not sure it’s good to deny parts of ourselves. I think it’s better to accept our whole beings — good and bad equally. Denial only makes things worse than they need to be. I think the cats are right to be themselves completely and fully. If we … Continue reading Cat Quote 4:05


Can be quite annoying until they grow up. Can be too playful. I had to raise one and he adored me from the start. I couldn’t stand him at first. He wanted to play all the time. Yet, I know I was a kitten once. I did play then too. But I don’t think I was ever as bad as Spot was. I’m just not silly enough to have been like that. Kittens have so much to learn. I know I learned a lot as a kitten. I also taught Spot how to be a good cat. He learned from … Continue reading Kittens

Lily & Nuri Star in Game of Cats

My girl likes to doodle or actually draw at times. One thing she can draw is cats. So, she drew some cats and eventually came up with a little comic with just one episode so far known as Game of Cats. It features Princess Tiger Lily versus Lady Nuria. It’s just line drawings, but it gets the point across. Those who have seen this as a movie find it funny. I’m not surprised people find it funny. My girl can be silly and she adores us cats quite a bit. So, it’s a good thing for her to do when … Continue reading Lily & Nuri Star in Game of Cats

Cat Quotes 4:04

By associating with the cat, one only risks becoming richer. —Colette Of course we are richer with love and affection from a cat. A cat’s blessing and approval are worth gaining as real riches. Who could say no to that? Intelligence in the cat is underrated. —Louis Wain Perhaps it’s because humans tend to underrate those who are quiet and thoughtful. Cats don’t feel the need to demonstrate their intelligence. They aren’t looking for approval from anyone. They know they can just be and that is everything to them. Continue reading Cat Quotes 4:04

Top 5 YouTube Cats: April Fool’s Funny Edition

Welcome back again, dear readers, to another installment of my and Julius’ YouTube favorites. Today we are taking advantage of the propitious date of this post to bring you some extra special funny YouTube offerings. There is no more appropriate day for unexpectedly funny cat videos than April Fool’s — for cats, with all their regal drama, every day can be April Fool’s day, a perfect opportunity for hysterics, antics, troublemaking, and, most importantly, good, funny surprises. Internet April Fool’s jokes can range in tone from terrifyingly lean to annoyingly harmless, but you don’t have to fear any mean jokes … Continue reading Top 5 YouTube Cats: April Fool’s Funny Edition