An unexpected change

photo by Clarabelle Fields

Happy July, dearest subjects. 

We are now halfway through the year, and your royal Highness thought he was getting a lucky break this past month. It has now been sixteen months that your feline leader has had to cohabitate with Dog. Although relations with the slap-happy Dog have improved in recent months, the imperial jester and man-at-arms still can prove to be quite a nuisance in his highness’s imperial  schedule. 

Except for brief hours of reprieve during things called “walks”—the mere mention of which makes Dog froth at the mouth—the canine has remained a near-constant companion for Emperor Julius for all these many months. And while his highness has made the best of it, Dog never fails to annoy after long enough. 

But last month, something changed. Dog went away in the car. Dog often goes away in the car, but he almost always returns before his highness can even get a good nap in. Dog was gone for a long time. It seemed as if he might not return. His highness was hopeful, but he knew he had been tricked in this way before. For two days and one night, he reigned supreme and alone, just as he used to.

When Dog returned, he was different. He didn’t annoy the emperor or chase him or try to sniff his tail. He was tired, and he smelled of The Place of Troubles—the vet whose name shall be unspoken. His highness had never seen this side of Dog. So quiet, so tired, in need of comfort. Dog slept for three days, and his Highness found his heart moved. He slept next to Dog, keeping him company. Emperor Julius knows well the Place of Troubles, and he felt for Dog. 

After those three days, he found he felt different about Dog. He no longer was repulsed by Dog’s smell or belongings. In fact, he began to find some comfort in Dog. He now counts Dog’s bed among one of his own.

Dog is feeling better now, and is on the road to being his annoying self again. But Emperor Julius will never see him the same way again, and now they have more to share. 

Some Cats Like Company

There are outgoing cats who love it when company comes to visit their home. I am not one of those cats. My girl doesn’t tend to have much company and so it wasn’t a problem for me. I didn’t worry. If it would be a problem, she would make sure I had a safe place to hide and no one bothered me. I couldn’t ask for better.

But some cats do like meeting new people. They know it’s their house and like to believe the company is coming to see them. They will chat with the company and cuddle and do whatever else I wouldn’t have the audacity to try. I suppose if it makes them happy then great.

Just don’t expect me to like having company visiting my home especially if I don’t know them.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

When a cat is ready to fight, they have already hissed and growled. The last warning is a scream and then they attack. Cat fights are disturbing to listen to. Whenever one breaks out near me, I tried to separate the cats. Usually all I have to do is shout. The cats stop and pretend they weren’t fighting. If necessary, I will dump water on them or spray them with a hose. I know that will stop them.

It’s not good to let cats fight as they can hurt each other causing all kinds of wounds and torn ears.

Writing Outtakes Episode 1 The Beginning

Writing Outtakes

My girl has been busy learning how to do short films. This is the result. The first episode of her series entitled Writing Outtakes. It features one of her books per episode and of course several cats. Oh, and it includes herself and a friend of hers and a few others who show up from time to time. I know I’m excited to see how it will turn out. I do know that I will appear in the series at least once. Perhaps more.

Details on the first episode:

How Ali & her four cats get to Fairy Tale Heights.

Featured book: Scientist in Training Gone Mad

Where to buy:

Copyright © 2022 by Ali Noel Vyain.

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Cat Quotes 4:07

Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes! —Theophile Gautier

Of course cats have souls. I know after living with cats for decades. I’ve looked and cats do stare without blinking. I know they look deep into others’ souls and the souls of humans. How else could they decide who will be their servants?

If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend, but never your slave. —Theophile Gautier

Cats aren’t slaves or property in any way. They know this. They do become fond of certain humans and befriend those they like. But cats never submit to humans as slaves or property. Cats still retain a simple dignity while bestowing their affection on those worthy of it.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

If hissing and growling are ignored, then screaming happens which then leads into a fight. Cat fights aren’t a good thing. I’ve been in too many and I know from experience they can be bad and hard to recover from. I lost part of my ear from a bad fight. Perhaps my girl is right and thinks fighting should be avoided as much as possible.

However, we cats do have a right to defend ourselves from bad humans. Treat us with respect and we won’t fight you. Don’t put us in cages and demand we submit to your tyranny or else we will fight you. We have natural built in weapons that you don’t have.

We cats are people and don’t ever forget it.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

It’s never good when cats growl. It’s worse than a hiss. A hiss is a warning, but a growl is much worse. It means we’re getting into fighting mode. So, it’s best to step away from us when we growl. A growl is in between a hiss and a scream. Don’t forget we are armed with claws which we sharpen everyday.

A growl means we are angry and don’t want to be bothered for any reason. We may not understand what your intentions are. We feel threatened and will attack to defend ourselves. It’s the way cats are. Best to leave us alone and give us lots of space until we calm down. Or the consequences could be dangerous.

Not All Cats Like Children

I can’t say I like children. They can be a bit too mean. I can never tell what they will do to me. So, I usually try and tell them to leave me alone. Not that they understand what I’m saying, but I do try. My girl understands and knows I don’t care for children. She never faulted me for it.

I know some cats do like children. Nuri tends to walk up to strange children and will talk kindly to them. That is not something I will do. I’ll stay back. When they get older and respect my boundaries, it’s easier for me to have them around.

Just when that point is, is not something I can pin down. I suppose it has to do with the person. It’s all too easy for young children to want to approach cats and try to pet us. When adults do the same thing, they are much more cautious and prefer to let us come to them. That’s a much better approach. Some of us can’t stand for strangers to get too close.

It’s not you. We just don’t know if we can trust you. When we learn we can, then it’s a different story. It’s just more especially true with young children. They don’t know any better and I do hope they can learn to respect cats as they grow up. Otherwise, I don’t want them around me.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

In cat language a growl is worse than a hiss. The cat is getting ready to fight. Best to leave a cat alone when they are growling. Clearly they feel threatened and mean to defend themselves.

Cat Quotes 4:06

There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten. —Jules Champfleury

Kittens don’t think about the consequences. They just want an adventure and they do find it without trying very hard. They explore and learn all sorts of things. They are more observant than many humans I’ve known in my life.

If a cat did not put a firm paw down now and then, how could his human remain possessed? —Winifred Carriere

I love how humans think they can give cats rules to follow when in reality, it’s the other way around. The cats are laying down the rules and enforcing them in ways that most humans aren’t aware of. Cats can be adorable and purr. Two ways in which they enforce their possession of humans.

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