Our Mission: To produce an entertaining and factual monthly magazine which raises money for cat and other animal charities around the world.

This site is dedicated to cats around the world. Its major features are The Life Adventures of Sir Socks Le Chat, Emperor Julius, and various updates on cats and how our Cat Tales books are doing. We may offer other features from other cats, facts about cats, etc.

If you would like to support our mission, please consider doing any or even all of the following:
*Spread the word about this magazine to others.
*Order any of the Cat Tales books from your local library.
*Buy copies of any of the Cat Tales books from the store of your choice.
*Subscribe to Sir Socks’s girl Ali’s Patreon account. Currently features The Diary of Sir Socks Le Chat before it’s available in ebook format. Cost is $5 per month for a basic account and $9 per month for voting and requests. (She is the one who does the most work to keep this magazine running as Sir Socks would like it to. If you support her, you are supporting Sir Socks and his mission as well.)

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