Epistles from…the dog?!

Hi there! I’m Lenny! They told me to make a post this month and I don’t know what to write about but I’m going to do my best! I’m supposed to write all about my big brother Julius and how much I love him! Did I mention my name is Lenny? I’m the only dog in the house, but that doesn’t bother me! I have my humans and my big brother with me so I am the happiest dog in the whole wide world! Julius calls himself the emperor but I just think of him as my very best friend! … Continue reading Epistles from…the dog?!

Kittenhood—the Early Days

I don’t know much about my kittenhood beyond being cared for in a woodpile in a backyard. My mother took care of me and my three brothers. I don’t remember two of them who went to different homes. Nor do I have any idea of what happened to them after they had left. However, I do remember my brother Spitter. He and I continued to live at this same place for a time. Our mother, when she had decided she was done taking care of us, left to live at the house across the street. What bothers me the most … Continue reading Kittenhood—the Early Days

Cats & Moving

I hear there’s an old wives’ tale about buttering a cat’s paws when they are taken to a new home. Of course the cat will lick the butter off of their paws because we like to be so clean. I don’t know if butter works, but I do know my girl has tended to give me a can of tuna whenever we had to move to a new home. Well, I usually didn’t get the tuna right away. As soon as I’m in a strange, new place, I go and find a place to hide. It’s just safer for me … Continue reading Cats & Moving

Kitty in Other Languages

When Nuri and I were in Italy, people tended to call her gattina. She liked to get out of our apartment and roll around on the floor. She’d make her happy sound as she greeted new humans who were smiling at her. Gattina is kitty in Italian. Here is kitty in other languages (source): Albanian: kotele Basque: kitty Belarusian: кацяня Bosnian: mače Bulgarian: писенце Catalan: gatet Croatian: mače Czech: koťátko Danish: kitty Dutch: pot Estonian: kiisu Finnish: kisu French: minou Galician: gatinho German: Miezekatze Greek: γατούλα(gatoúla) Hungarian: cica Icelandic: Kitty Irish: Kitty Italian: gattino/gattina Latvian: kaķēns Lithuanian: katytė Macedonian: писе … Continue reading Kitty in Other Languages

Cat Quotes 1:01

Curiosity got the cat. How many times did I see Spot go exploring? Once he found a window screen leaning up against a wall. He just had to check it out. Bam! It fell on top of him and he ran. I never saw Sir Socks do a thing like that… Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. —Robert A. Heinlein After all the years I have lived with cats, I can say this is very true. Cats don’t care. They will do as they please. I … Continue reading Cat Quotes 1:01

Memoirs Update Part 2

Well, I’ve been editing my memoirs with my girl. We’re not done completely, but the finalized book can wait for now. My girl of course will be working on the images and making sure they are ready for the ebook version. Even though the whole book isn’t finished yet, I will still be able to serialize my memoirs in this online magazine. The first post will be up next month. I am getting excited. This is a big project and I don’t know how I would be able to get it done without my girl. I’m glad she knows how … Continue reading Memoirs Update Part 2

Cat Quotes

There are many quotes about cats and I thought I’d share a couple in this new section and wonder where they came from. Curiosity got the cat. It’s not too hard to figure out where this came from if you’ve ever watched cats. I remember Spot playing with a screen that was leaning against a wall. He had to check it out because he was so curious. Then blam! It fell on him. He wasn’t hurt, just a bit frightened by it. The best exercise for a cat is another cat. This was one I like to share with Sir … Continue reading Cat Quotes

Articles I’ll Be Working On

We’re getting ready for our first official issue of this magazine in January 2019. That means we will transition from what we have been doing to getting ready for the first issue. I will of course write about the monthly financial report. If there’s no money going in and out, then I’ll mention that. I’ll also write about the number of views the site has, the number of email subscribers, and how well the Cat Tales books are doing. Other articles I will be doing are cat facts, cat quotes, cat vocabulary and sharing my experiences with cats. Sir Socks … Continue reading Articles I’ll Be Working On

Cat in Other Languages

Lots of people love cats the world over. Those of us on the staff of Sir Socks Le Chat are no exception. We have not defined any specific local for this magazine. It’s just online and floating around the Internet for all to see. In case you haven’t noticed, we have Google Translate as a part of this site in case you want to get an idea of what the articles look like in a different language. I am well aware that Google Translate isn’t perfect. I have read things from other languages that were translated into English using Google … Continue reading Cat in Other Languages