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Sir Socks
I’m a senior cat who lives with a silly girl. I know she loves me and takes good care of me, but sometimes her teasing is a bit too much for me. Lucky for me she spends hours of a time quietly doing her work. So, I can sleep and dream without her bothering me. And whenever I need her, she’s not too faraway and usually available immediately.

I’m here to write about my life’s adventures and my thoughts on all things cats and humans, etc…

*Please note: Sir Socks is in charge and his girl Ali does much of the background work for this online magazine. Published by The Moon Publishing in the United States of America to be read anywhere in the world. Oh, and Sir Socks has taken over The Moon Publishing.*

Ali Noel Vyain
She has done two monthly magazines, one which had 13 volumes, the other is this current magazine and numerous books. She continues to write creative non-fiction, poetry and novels set in her own universe. More can be discovered about her, including her current book list at her personal site.

She is the website administrator, editor, and all around support staff person. She also contributes articles.

Emperor Julius
Julius, also known as Julius Augustulus, Emperor of the World, is a young, ambitious feline who lives with his human Clarabelle. He has been the supreme ruler of her household since 2016 and is responsible for ensuring that she is never late for his 5 am breakfast each morning. He is fond of yarn and stuffed mice, as well as any and all types of food, even if the food clearly belongs to someone else. When he is not sleeping or eating, which is how he spends most of his time, he likes to hide in cabinets, climb shelves, sit in bathtubs, and snuggle under warm blankets. He hopes his supreme reign will continue undisturbed as long as possible.

Clarabelle Fields
Clarabelle Fields is a writer, editor, and web developer native to the Rocky Mountains. She holds over 100 publications of poetry, prose, and photography. She’s been a crazy cat lady since early childhood, yet somehow still only has one cat of her own (for now). When not writing cat-related content, she primarily writes speculative fiction and prose. You can find out more about her here.

Kayanna M. Smith

I am a crazy cat lady, but I also love all critters. Creating is my passion. Art, sewing, crafting—anything where I can create and I am in my happy place.

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