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The Confession of a Cat

like a pile of compressed fog

caught on a twig at the mountainwaist

the cat hunches on the sofa’s shoulder

where i see the whole house of life

genetically domesticated behind the doors

that most hateful human invention


yes, i am a bimental being

as my feline friend has revealed

i can readily detect the moods

of my human family members

often switching my personality

with my drifting kittenhood

as i tease or avoid them behind doors

who know i enjoy solitary stalking

and respect my rented privacy

but none of them was born in the year of my day

since my ancestor was cheated shamefully

out of a ridiculous race in chinese zodiac


the inside doors are ajar or unlocked

but the one facing the free spirits of nature

is always tightly closed, separating me

from my other self born to prefer

to stroll in the wild than sit in the house

once i sneak out of the threshold

i will never give a backward glance

yet I will keep my grooming habit

by using my long tongue to clean the dirtiest

and most private parts of my authentic being

somewhere in the wildness


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