Mittens for Kittens

Fuzzy and cuddly,Mittens wornOn hands and feetGoing beyondThe obsoleteEnjoying winter weatherWithout wondering whetherOr not to go outsideBecause chills might causeUnreasonable thrills,But also learn to Relax and chill,And simply find a wayTo enjoy this only dayNo matter whatOthers say,And remember toCope with the cold,And never worryAbout getting old,And express thankfulnessFor only thisMoment in time,Which is the present,And never resent Continue reading Mittens for Kittens

Keep Focusing On the Good Things, Mommy

Keep focusing on the good things, Mommy, focus on me–  months ago I sang the same song  to lull you to sleep  while you had bad dreams, the human world big and terrible and cold and mean  Focus on the good things, Mommy, focus on me– my little pink toes in the sunshine,  radiant whiskered reverie  Focus on the good things, Mommy,  focus on me– my morning mews and tiny face ready to smile and sing  Focus on the good things, Mommy, focus on me– running close behind you diving into sunbeams  It’s hard outside but we can be happy … Continue reading Keep Focusing On the Good Things, Mommy

The Confession of a Cat

like a pile of compressed fog caught on a twig at the mountainwaist the cat hunches on the sofa’s shoulder where i see the whole house of life genetically domesticated behind the doors that most hateful human invention   yes, i am a bimental being as my feline friend has revealed i can readily detect the moods of my human family members often switching my personality with my drifting kittenhood as i tease or avoid them behind doors who know i enjoy solitary stalking and respect my rented privacy but none of them was born in the year of my … Continue reading The Confession of a Cat

Focus On The Good Things, Mommy

Focus on the good things, Mommy, focus on me, when you’re tired and never want to leave this bed again, crying about things I don’t understand, heavy human words that fly over my head   Focus on the good things, Mommy, focus on me, the little warm bundle in your lap, on your heart purring remedies into your bones listening with poised ears to your breaths coming longer, quieter, calmer, as we settle down into snuggles   Focus on the good things, Mommy, focus on me, my little face gazing up at you, radiant, whisker-framed, my paws and pink toe beans, my … Continue reading Focus On The Good Things, Mommy


  life’s too short not to try to have fun to scamper at midnight and lounge in the sun dreaming of birds and a great hunting plain zebras and lions and me in a mane I’m a king, I’m a god, there’s nobody better if you have a complaint, go mail me a letter I’m not gonna read it not even a word I’ll shred it and eat it and make it a turd too many things, too many happenings I’m busy, you see, eating and napping and playing and scratching and snuggling and running chaos and crazy, just how … Continue reading Cattitudes

Carnivore Wallpaper

Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? — William Blake Mom says auburn kid was born an animal she can’t handle (but not bad) with tiger T-shirts on first birthday and arrival of first baby to prove it. My little sister got earth-tone puppies or kittens but Pops insisted as their firstborn son his room needed to be toughen up burnt orange. With that as our Blakean beginning, I learned how to fear and loathe my father Bernard which carried over hunting Bernie until you died. Then … Continue reading Carnivore Wallpaper