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graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

For a cat, a home is their territory. It is a place that is safe for them to hide from the dangers of the world. It’s also where they can find those they love. It’s a shelter from the bad weather. It’s a simple place which sometimes changes physical location, but the feelings about home itself never change.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

Home is a place that is special to all of us including cats. I like home better when I have shelter with it too. I don’t like to get wet. I also want to feel safe and loved when at home. That’s what home should be and I’m glad I had that with my girl. Home with her was full of love. There was silliness and playfulness, but at least she never took it too far.

Home can change physical locations, but the feelings don’t always change. At least when our home changed physical locations, it was still safe and full of love because of her. I know she had a lot to do with it. Although she likes to think it was me just as much as her.

Home can be a place where family forms and stick together through thick and thin. It’s safe. It’s comforting. And most of all, it’s full of unconditional love.

Living in a Shelter

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

From what I hear from cats who have been in shelters, some are good and some are bad. Some shelters kill cats if they been in them too long and no one has adopted them. Others keep on taking care of the cats no matter what.

The point of shelters is to keep cats off the streets and give them a chance to have a home of their own. It’s not a fool proof system. The best any cat can do is to appear their cutest to attract a human caretaker.

I wish we could have had featured charities such as cat shelters. Then we could present some of the cats who are trying to get adopted. It would give the cats a change at a better life, but sadly no one has taken me up on it.

So, to those cats who are living in shelters, may you get claimed by the best human servants for you. May you learn how wonderful some humans can be and how much they will love and adore you for the rest of your lives.

Furever Human

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

This month’s cat vocabulary is a term from Twitter known as furever human which means the human a cat gets to live with for the rest of their lives after living in a shelter.

Cats tend to get excited when they meet their furever human or even humans. They just know when they smell us. When they see us. They try to get our attention to let us know they know. Or at least it’s something like that. When I met Nuri for the first time, she was in a shelter. She was off by herself. I saw her alone. So, I walked over to her and as soon as my shadow fell over her, she looked up and started talking to me.

It doesn’t matter what she was telling me at the time. It was as if she knew who I was to her. She was just having a causal chit chat with a friend. I picked her up briefly and she didn’t complain.

When I was asked later which cat I wanted, I asked for her. She came home with me and that was that. Yes, it still took her time to adjust to her new home. It took us time to get used to each other.

We’ve been happy ever since.

Furever Home

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

This month’s cat vocabulary is a term from Twitter known as furever home which means the home that cat gets for the rest of their life after living in a shelter.

Some cats don’t even make it to a shelter. Sometimes they find themselves homeless and not liking living on the streets. So, they wander around the neighborhood looking for their furever home. Some tend to find one by recognizing the signs of crazy cat people. Not that the humans always know it. Sometimes they find a way inside the house and settle in and wait for the human to show.

Much like the ones who are in shelters waiting for someone to come and adopt them. It’s hard to say how long they wait. It seems easier when they are kittens. When they become seniors, their odds of getting adopted decrease significantly. But seniors cats need homes too. They probably need something quiet and relaxing as their lives wind down. It just all depends upon the cat.

So, if you want or need a cat, please go to your local shelter first. Chances are good that you will find at least one good companion who needs love as much as you do.

Shelter in Other Languages

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

This month’s cat vocabulary is the word shelter. Not always a good word to a cat who’s homeless and in need of love and healthcare, but things could be much worse for the cat if they are left outside to die.

Many cats aren’t happy to be caught and taken to a shelter, but some adjust to their new environment fairly quickly. It doesn’t take them long to learn that they will be cared for and they can interact with other cats.

Another plus is that they can be adopted and taken home to live with someone who will adore them for the rest of their lives. So, they make the best of it and wait.

I think shelters can be the best way to find a cat companion that I cannot live without for long. So, even if my current beloved cat has died, you may find me at the shelter fairly soon to find another cat.

Saying Shelter in European Languages (source)

Language Ways to say shelter
Albanian: strehë
Basque: aterpe
Belarusian: сховішча
Bosnian: sklonište
Bulgarian: приют
Catalan: abric
Croatian: sklonište
Czech: přístřeší
Danish: ly
Dutch: schuilplaats
Estonian: katusealune
Finnish: suoja
French: abri
Galician: abrigo
German: Schutz
Greek: καταφύγιο(katafýgio)
Hungarian: menedék
Icelandic: Skjól
Irish: foscadh
Italian: riparo
Latvian: pajumte
Lithuanian: pastogė
Macedonian: засолниште
Maltese: kenn
Norwegian: husly
Polish: schron
Portuguese: abrigo
Romanian: adapost
Russian: укрытие(ukrytiye)
Serbian: склониште(sklonishte)
Slovak: prístrešia
Slovenian: zavetišče
Spanish: abrigo
Swedish: skydd
Ukrainian: укриття(ukryttya)
Welsh: lloches
Yiddish: באַשיצן

Nuri’s Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a cat born on the street. Her mother named her Lady Light because there was a lot of pure white light inside the silvery kitten.

Living on the street was rough because of the other cats. Some of whom who also lived inside. There were too many cat fights over the territory and access to mates. Lady Light had to learn early how to defend herself.

Once her mother was gone, she was all alone in a frightful world. She couldn’t trust other cats. But it wasn’t just the other cats, there were humans as well.

They were much bigger and Lady Light wasn’t sure she could trust them either. Some cats had told her stories of how good humans could be. It was just a fairy tale to be taken care of by a good hearted human.

Some humans would scream and yell at her. They’d throw things at her. She’d run and hide. She was quite good at hiding. But she was all alone. She was getting tired of this life.

A tomcat found her one day and after the incident which she didn’t want to remember, she knew she was pregnant. So, now here she was all alone and she just wanted a safe place to live where she could raise her kittens in peace.

But it wasn’t to be. The kittens didn’t survive. She heard more stories about cats getting thrown out on the streets because humans didn’t want them anymore. She had heard of shelters for cats where they could be adopted by humans.

Was there a human with lots of pure white light like Lady Light who would want her and take care of her? Lady Light sighed. She just wanted to be loved and allowed to live in peace.

One day other cats on the street were scared. Some were excited. There were humans in the area trying to gather up stray cats. Lady Light listened. She was scared, but she came out of hiding. These humans were different. They were kind.

She let them pick her up and stuff her into a cage. The cage scared her. She complained bitterly of this treatment, but it was far from over. There was nothing she could do. She was trapped. The cage was in a moving vehicle!

Cars she had seen and tried hard to avoid. She had seen cats get run over. It was an awful death. Crossing the street was dangerous with cars around.

Yet, she was inside of one of those dreaded cars with no way to escape. She wasn’t sure what was going on at this point. The ride seemed to go on forever. Then it was over quite suddenly. Her cage was taken with her inside and soon she found herself inside a building.

She was no longer outside. The humans let her out and soon they were examining her.

“Aren’t you a pretty girl? You must have had kittens recently. You are in good shape. Quite healthy.”

Lady Light was still frightened and not sure what was going on. They gave her a shot and soon she lost consciousness. She dreamed she saw a human full of pure white light who gave her nothing but unconditional love.

Lady Light had never felt so blissful before. That was when she knew this particular human was coming for her. She just needed to be patient for now.

When she woke up later, she found herself not in a cage, but in a room. She was sore. Something felt different. She wasn’t sure what it was. She was groggy certainly. She was also surrounded by lots of other cats. She didn’t interact with anyone.

She found there was plenty of food and litter boxes to use. It wasn’t hard to figure out from watching the others what she needed to do now. She waited even though she was still scared.

The next day humans came and went. Lady Light ignored the other cats in the room. They were playing, but she didn’t want to socialize with them. She was hoping her forever human would come and find her.

She studied the cage in the room. She was trying to find a way in. She was too busy with that to notice a human approaching her. She had no idea anyone was near her until a shadow fell over her.

Lady Light looked up. “I knew you would come me! I dreamed of you!” The human smiled at her not understanding what Lady Light had said. The human picked her up and then set her back down again. It was all the human needed to do.

Before Lady Light had known what was happening, she was grabbed and put into a cage again. The human was there trying to comfort her, but it was no use. She was trapped and unhappy.

“Please spoil Nuria and here is a parting gift from us.” A braided rope for Lady Light to play with.

Lady Light was taken by the human into another car. She complained the whole time and wasn’t able to calm down. The car stopped and the cage was taken out of it. Lady Light soon got quiet when she realized she was inside again. She waited.

Then the human took her into a bedroom. The human closed the door and let Lady Light out of her cage.

“Welcome to your new home. I need a cat.”

Lady Light walked around exploring her new home. She was frightened, but no longer alone. There was food, water, and a litter box. There were even toys about the room just for Lady Light.

The human petted her gently. Lady Light still couldn’t relax right away. Eventually, she realized it was the very human she had dreamed of.

The human had some trouble saying her new name. Finally the human asked, “Is it alright if I just call you Nuri?”

Lady Light didn’t mind. She was still adjusting to her new life. Sometimes the human would lie on the floor playing dead. Lady Light knew it was a game and would walk all over her human. They both had fun.

Eventually, the human learned her real name and the human told her she was named correctly in the shelter. The two still live together and have been much happier together than before they had met.

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