Living in a Shelter

From what I hear from cats who have been in shelters, some are good and some are bad. Some shelters kill cats if they been in them too long and no one has adopted them. Others keep on taking care of the cats no matter what. The point of shelters is to keep cats off the streets and give them a chance to have a home of their own. It’s not a fool proof system. The best any cat can do is to appear their cutest to attract a human caretaker. I wish we could have had featured charities such … Continue reading Living in a Shelter

Furever Human

This month’s cat vocabulary is a term from Twitter known as furever human which means the human a cat gets to live with for the rest of their lives after living in a shelter. Cats tend to get excited when they meet their furever human or even humans. They just know when they smell us. When they see us. They try to get our attention to let us know they know. Or at least it’s something like that. When I met Nuri for the first time, she was in a shelter. She was off by herself. I saw her alone. … Continue reading Furever Human

Furever Home

This month’s cat vocabulary is a term from Twitter known as furever home which means the home that cat gets for the rest of their life after living in a shelter. Some cats don’t even make it to a shelter. Sometimes they find themselves homeless and not liking living on the streets. So, they wander around the neighborhood looking for their furever home. Some tend to find one by recognizing the signs of crazy cat people. Not that the humans always know it. Sometimes they find a way inside the house and settle in and wait for the human to … Continue reading Furever Home

Shelter in Other Languages

This month’s cat vocabulary is the word shelter. Not always a good word to a cat who’s homeless and in need of love and healthcare, but things could be much worse for the cat if they are left outside to die. Many cats aren’t happy to be caught and taken to a shelter, but some adjust to their new environment fairly quickly. It doesn’t take them long to learn that they will be cared for and they can interact with other cats. Another plus is that they can be adopted and taken home to live with someone who will adore … Continue reading Shelter in Other Languages

Nuri’s Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a cat born on the street. Her mother named her Lady Light because there was a lot of pure white light inside the silvery kitten. Living on the street was rough because of the other cats. Some of whom who also lived inside. There were too many cat fights over the territory and access to mates. Lady Light had to learn early how to defend herself. Once her mother was gone, she was all alone in a frightful world. She couldn’t trust other cats. But it wasn’t just the other cats, there were humans … Continue reading Nuri’s Fairy Tale