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Shelter in Other Languages

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

This month’s cat vocabulary is the word shelter. Not always a good word to a cat who’s homeless and in need of love and healthcare, but things could be much worse for the cat if they are left outside to die.

Many cats aren’t happy to be caught and taken to a shelter, but some adjust to their new environment fairly quickly. It doesn’t take them long to learn that they will be cared for and they can interact with other cats.

Another plus is that they can be adopted and taken home to live with someone who will adore them for the rest of their lives. So, they make the best of it and wait.

I think shelters can be the best way to find a cat companion that I cannot live without for long. So, even if my current beloved cat has died, you may find me at the shelter fairly soon to find another cat.

Saying Shelter in European Languages (source)

Language Ways to say shelter
Albanian: strehë
Basque: aterpe
Belarusian: сховішча
Bosnian: sklonište
Bulgarian: приют
Catalan: abric
Croatian: sklonište
Czech: přístřeší
Danish: ly
Dutch: schuilplaats
Estonian: katusealune
Finnish: suoja
French: abri
Galician: abrigo
German: Schutz
Greek: καταφύγιο(katafýgio)
Hungarian: menedék
Icelandic: Skjól
Irish: foscadh
Italian: riparo
Latvian: pajumte
Lithuanian: pastogė
Macedonian: засолниште
Maltese: kenn
Norwegian: husly
Polish: schron
Portuguese: abrigo
Romanian: adapost
Russian: укрытие(ukrytiye)
Serbian: склониште(sklonishte)
Slovak: prístrešia
Slovenian: zavetišče
Spanish: abrigo
Swedish: skydd
Ukrainian: укриття(ukryttya)
Welsh: lloches
Yiddish: באַשיצן


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