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I Was a Pumpkin for Halloween 

photo by Clarabelle Fields

Mama keeps me close on Halloween 

The night when ghouls grow cold and mean

And things are not how they should seem

I’m Mama’s boy on Halloween 

She has pumpkins one, two, and three,

But the cold outdoors is not for me 

I stay warm on Mama’s knees 

Safe inside on Halloween

I’m her pumpkin on Halloween 

As the witches dance and werewolves sing

She keeps me close so I can dream

Of caramel cake and pretty things 

I’m a pumpkin cat on Halloween 

Pumpkin Cat

Two little pumpkins

Two little pumpkins

In an autumn wind

One tall and quiet

One with a grin

A soft little voice

When one of them moves

Shake of a tail

A welcome home mew

Welcome bright colors

And cold frosty nights

An autumn of fun

With best friends at your side

The Fairy Tail Cat

photo by Clarabelle Fields 

The ancients sang

of fairy tales,

dancing folk and wild spells

and mythic dreams

not meant to tell


on moonlit nights

in circle rounds

the fairy king

I think I’ve found–


little feet upon the ground

paw pads four, fire crown

“tiger, tiger burning bright”

the fairy king is out tonight


with fireflies and fairy flight

he dances softly in disguise:

he disappears to mortal eyes

dancing beneath the summer sky


but a cat among the clover lies

a secret king with head held high

a fairy king who never dies

I see him dancing in the night



The Domus Juliana (House of Julius)

photo by Clarabelle Fields

Momma knows her Latin well:

poems, history, evil spells

and places where emperors used to dwell

fancy homes of which she likes to tell


One of mine, she says, I’ll be calling home

a royal palace, a regal dome

with marble walls and gardens to roam

an imperial palace of my very own


There will be birds and sunlight and silken beds

and soft warm spots to set my head

servants will heed my beck and call

as emperor, I’ll rule them all


But there’s a journey first, a ride afar

I hate the carrier, loathe the car

I’ll scream until Momma’s seeing stars–

until we’re there: au revoir, revoir!

The Rainbow Blankie

photo by Clarabelle Fields

I love my rainbow blankie–


it wasn’t mine, originally,

but that didn’t matter:


Momma finished it for me,

and now I am the owner

of her rainbow blankie.


It’s a blankie like no other–

rainbow wool and fleece

and bits of handmade memories:


a scarf, a sock, a sweater sleeve,

remnants of nights

spent by Momma’s knee

as she worked magic on

a blankie just for me



It smells like her, and now like me,

where I revel in rainbow dreams

and whiskered tuna reveries

where I chase mice and birds

across imaginary fields and streams.


I love my rainbow fleece,

my rainbow dreams,

the blankie Momma made just for me.


All for me, just for me.

Focus On The Good Things, Mommy

photo by Clarabelle Fields

Focus on the good things, Mommy,

focus on me, when you’re tired and

never want to leave this bed again,

crying about things I don’t understand,

heavy human words that fly over my head


Focus on the good things, Mommy,

focus on me, the little warm

bundle in your lap, on your heart

purring remedies into your bones

listening with poised ears to your breaths

coming longer, quieter, calmer,

as we settle down into snuggles


Focus on the good things, Mommy,

focus on me, my little face gazing up at you,

radiant, whisker-framed,

my paws and pink toe beans,

my tail tucked in so perfectly


Focus on the good things, Mommy,

focus on me–

the little soul that follows

you every night, every step

to snuggle close and purr

until you smile again


Focus on the good things, Mommy,

focus on me, and sleep well,

knowing that I am here

and I love you

Angel In My Bed (A Cat Poem)

photo by Clarabelle Fields


on darker nights

seeped in cold

I sleep well knowing

I am not alone

I hear the door,

the quiet creak,

the lighting weight

of little feet

padded paws,

a little nose

cold and soft,

tiny toes

kneading me

and nuzzling fleece

purring calm,

purring peace-

filled remedies to every ill

quiet breaths

long and still

a warmth that falls

through open arms

to settle down

on blankets and yarn

a tiny tum, a little head

smiling, snuggling

in my bed

and we drift along

in cozy night

snuggled close,

holding tight

paws on chest

chin on cheek

my angel is perfect

soft and sweet

my little boy,

my little one

someone to hug

someone to love

through the nights

cold and deep

hugging close

in quiet sleep

there’s an angel

in my bed

comfort for

the road ahead

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