Showing Affection

Too many humans believe we cats are aloof and don’t show affection. As a shy cat, I don’t show any affection to strangers. I will show affection to my girl and other cats I’ve learned to live with. I tend to do so by rubbing up against those I love. Or licking their faces. Cleaning their fur or hair. Even head butting is a way to show affection. If you’re not sure, just let the cat get to know you first and treat them well. Sooner or later they will get affectionate with you. Continue reading Showing Affection

Living on the Street

I was once an indoor and outdoor cat. I had the freedom to roam between the house and outside as well. I was born in a woodpile in a backyard. My mother, after she abandoned my brothers and me, went to live across the street. So, I have never lived on the street as other cats, such as Nuri, have. From their stories, it sounds like a nightmare to me. To have to worry where your next meal will come from. Perhaps you’ll find mice or rats to eat. But what if there is no prey around? I guess they … Continue reading Living on the Street


Sometimes humans think our eyes are glowing. Some humans find us frightening for that reason when they come across us in the dark. Our eyes don’t glow, they just reflect the light. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes the reflection happens when someone takes a picture of us and the flash goes off. It’s very obvious in the dark when a little light is caught by our eyes. I don’t understand why any human finds it so frightening. It’s a normal phenomena. It’s the way our eyes are made. There are human scientists who understand this after studying us for years. … Continue reading Reflection

Living with Other Cats

I’ve lived with other cats inside. Usually it’s easier when you share the home. There’s no reason for vicious fights. But cats from outside try to come in and take over. Those cats aren’t fun. They are bullies. Sometimes cats just show up and want to come in because they are attracted to my girl. It’s true she’s a crazy cat lady or gattara as the Italians say. Cats are attracted to her ever since I claimed her as my own. She did bring home a kitten and eventually he grew up. I’m so glad he did. I couldn’t stand … Continue reading Living with Other Cats

New Website

I recently started a new website. It’s just an experiment and I thought it would be a good idea to do as the literate cat that I am. I will now give book recommendations and some reviews of books that can be found on Smashwords. Those same books might be available from other stores, but it’s hard for me to know unless they are my girl’s books. If you’re interested, please check it out at Sir Socks Le Chat’s Book Recommendations Continue reading New Website

Living with Humans

Living with humans isn’t always great, but from what I hear, it’s better than living outside. I’ve never lived outside very long. Just that time I was so mad about the kitten, but eventually my girl convinced me to go back home with her. I did and I haven’t regretted it since. At least she never had many other humans in our home as other humans I used to live with. Before her, I wasn’t as loved and cherished. I was the cat who was ignored. She changed that. So, if you’re a cat and you’re lucky enough to get … Continue reading Living with Humans

Tail Expressions

Tail expressions tend to be overlooked by many humans. But our tails can communicate in ways our meows can’t. For example, when a cat carries their tail upright, it means they are happy. I know I walk around with my tail upright often. I’m quiet, but I’m still quite content. If the tail is down low, such as lying straight on the cat’s back, it means the cat is nervous. Nuri used to walk like that when she first went to live with my girl. After Nuri learned how safe her new home was and how good my girl is, … Continue reading Tail Expressions

Proud Cat Servant

I decided I do another interview. This time I interviewed my girl. So, I found her reading a book. She noticed me of course and set the book down. Ali: What is it, Socki? Sir Socks (SS): I’d like to interview you for my magazine. Ali: Okay, what’s your first question for me? SS: Why did you become a writer? Ali: I couldn’t be anything else. I started writing about as soon as I knew how to form letters on paper. I always remember having the ability to read and I read a lot even when I was a kid. … Continue reading Proud Cat Servant

Litter Box Training

Usually a cat mother will teach her kittens how to use a litter box or tray. I know my mother taught me when I was very young. Not that I remember it. I didn’t always use a litter box until after I went to live with my girl. She actually showed me the box of litter and even picked me up and set me down in it. I knew what it was for and used it when I needed to. Spot was a different story. My girl brought him home and he was much too young. My girl had to … Continue reading Litter Box Training

Cat Saliva

Apparently human scientists have managed to prove cat saliva has a mild detergent which helps clean our fur. It also contains a lot of bacteria. Bacteria is everywhere as my girl tells me. The detergent is interesting. We cats use our tongues to clean our fur and we’ve been doing it for centuries. I don’t suppose I ever questioned it before I found out what the human scientists have been up to, but it’s good to know my body is designed well. I don’t think any human gets to take credit for the cat design. Continue reading Cat Saliva