Writing Outtakes Episode 4 Strange Woman

Writing Outtakes Episode 4 Strange Woman

My girl is still working on the Writing Outtakes series. I don’t know how she manages to keep on going, but I suppose she hasn’t run out of ideas. And I know how inspiring we cats can be to someone like her.

Day 2 of the creativity residency. Marmalade has trouble with puppy Snow and tries to tell his boy Matteo who is distracted by Ali.

*Please note: The Viscount is played by a different doll even though his voice and clothes are the same.

Featured book: The Colonies of Earth: Tales From Mars Where to buy: https://books2read.com/u/3y11Rv

Copyright © 2022 by Ali Noel Vyain.

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Nuri Pretends Not to Wait by the Door For Ali

Sometimes even I don’t understand feline logic. I suppose some cats are afraid they will lose their home if they break the rules their humans give them. I know it can happen, but it’s good when your humans just love you unconditionally and will put up with all of your quirks.

Nuri is so bonded to my girl Ali that sometimes when Ali is out of the house for too long, Nuri will wait by the door until Ali gets home. Nuri did bolt outside once when she didn’t see Ali much to Ali’s mom’s anxiety. Ali came shortly afterwards and cuddled with Nuri.

Ali usually works at home and so Nuri got used to it. So, it doesn’t take long for Nuri to miss Ali too much. Since Nuri bolted once, she learned the humans didn’t like it too well. So, now she pretends she’s not waiting by the door. Although Ali tends to catch her and chuckles.

I know Nuri has it good with Ali. I doubt Nuri really needs to worry. Ali will keep looking after Nuri for the rest of her life.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

We all need love. Not just humans. Cats need it too. It’s better when it’s unconditional. Even when we drive each other crazy and get on each other’s nerves. Unconditional love is the best thing around. My girl tells me she learned it from me and is glad she did. Perhaps I demanded it. I know I gave it as much as I could.

I never expected a whirlwind to be full of love. Silliness never surprised me. It tended to annoy me, but I know she loved me the whole time. Even when I did things she didn’t like. I know she hated it when I peed on the floor instead of in the litter box. But she never hated me for it. She just scolded and never hard.

I hope all cats can experience such love. We all need to know we have homes full of love without the fear of being kicked out. We all need a place to be safe and accepted just as we are.

Writing Outtakes Episode 3 Insane Option

Writing Outtakes Episode 3 Insane Option

Ali meets two more candidates in the creativity residency and then start writing on day 1 of the creativity residency.

Featured book: The Strange & Unusual Universe of Silver Moon Unicorn

Where to buy: https://books2read.com/u/bp88RW

Copyright © 2022 by Ali Noel Vyain.

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Nuri Bolted When Ali Didn’t Appear

Nuri adores Ali as much as I do. I can’t blame Nuri for doing so. Ali does take such good care of us cats that it’s hard not to love her as much as she loves us. Nuri loves it when Ali is around. Doesn’t matter what she’s doing just as long as she’s there. It’s a comfort to have her favorite human around.

So, when Ali stayed away for a night and part of the next day, Nuri fretted. She was beside herself. Ali never stayed away so long before. Sure there was plenty to eat and drink and the litter box was clean. But no Ali. It’s just not the same.

To make matters worse, Ali didn’t come in with her mom. It was just mom. So, Nuri did the most reasonable thing she could think to do at the time. She bolted outside to go look for her girl. Ali’s mom was scared and managed to catch Nuri to stop her. A few minutes later, Ali came inside with the mail. She had to listen to mom telling her what had just happened.

Ali picked up Nuri and hugged her. Both were happy and contented once again.

Until it happens another time. Nuri might have to come up with a good reason why Ali can’t leave and be away for so long. Perhaps it’s better that Nuri goes with Ali the next time she leaves for a long period of time.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

Home is a place that is special to all of us including cats. I like home better when I have shelter with it too. I don’t like to get wet. I also want to feel safe and loved when at home. That’s what home should be and I’m glad I had that with my girl. Home with her was full of love. There was silliness and playfulness, but at least she never took it too far.

Home can change physical locations, but the feelings don’t always change. At least when our home changed physical locations, it was still safe and full of love because of her. I know she had a lot to do with it. Although she likes to think it was me just as much as her.

Home can be a place where family forms and stick together through thick and thin. It’s safe. It’s comforting. And most of all, it’s full of unconditional love.

Writing Outtakes Episode 2 Crazy Cat Lady

Writing Outtakes Episode 2 Crazy Cat Lady

My girl has done it again. Another video with the cats and featuring her doll as a crazy cat lady.

Ali meets her friend she hasn’t seen for some time. Featured book: Honoring the Cats in My Life Where to buy: https://books2read.com/u/md66wW Copyright © 2022 by Ali Noel Vyain. If you like this video, feel free to subscribe to her YouTube channel to get updates for upcoming episodes. For more information check out: https://alinoelvyain.wordpress.com


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

After I grew up, play wasn’t something I liked to do that much. However, I have learned play can be a good way to learn things. My girl understands this and has told me it’s okay to play as an adult. Sometimes I’d take her advice. I think she’s correct in thinking play is a good thing for cats and it’s a good form exercise.

I remember as a kitten my brothers and I would play and learn how to respect each other better because of that play. I think that’s probably why our mother encouraged us to play. So, not all learning has to be painful. It can be fun and learned in different ways.

Just don’t expect me to play very much now. It’s just not my way. I’m not silly enough to play all the time.

Lily is Afraid to Go Outside

Lily is one of those cats who was born inside a house. She has never lived on the street. She rarely goes outside. In fact, she wouldn’t go out even when there was a screened in porch where she could be safe. She just wasn’t interested.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. Being outside can be dangerous. There are too many humans who just can’t be trusted. It’s too easy to get into a fight with another cat. There are cars that don’t see cats. Death can chase us at every turn when we are outside.

So, when Lily got into her new home, she didn’t know what was going on. She stepped outside because her favorite human was outside too. Then her human went back inside the house. Lily panicked. She was outside by herself and didn’t know how to behave. She cried until her human opened the door to let her back in.

Lily hasn’t tried to go outside since them. The only time she goes out now is when her favorite human puts a leash on her and takes her out onto the patio. Lily doesn’t really like it even though she gets a good brushing.

It really is much safer inside. I used to be an indoor and outdoor cat. It’s not pleasant outside. So, if you can get a good human to take care of you, you don’t have to deal with the outside and all of its dangers. It’s just good to have a good home and not have to worry about getting wet in the rain or snow. Or mean dogs or humans who could hurt or even kill you.

Some Cats Like Company

There are outgoing cats who love it when company comes to visit their home. I am not one of those cats. My girl doesn’t tend to have much company and so it wasn’t a problem for me. I didn’t worry. If it would be a problem, she would make sure I had a safe place to hide and no one bothered me. I couldn’t ask for better.

But some cats do like meeting new people. They know it’s their house and like to believe the company is coming to see them. They will chat with the company and cuddle and do whatever else I wouldn’t have the audacity to try. I suppose if it makes them happy then great.

Just don’t expect me to like having company visiting my home especially if I don’t know them.

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