Cats Are People

The fact that I have to say cats are people indicates a serious problem in this world. As a cat, I watch humans and can’t understand why you seem to think it’s okay to fight among yourselves to decide who gets medical treatment and decent food to eat. Those same prejudicial humans like to assert cats are objects to be owned and not people at all. Those humans have no idea how wrong they are. It’s your thinking which is wrong and deranged. It’s the kind of thinking which leads to serious illnesses. I can be sneaky. I’m so quiet … Continue reading Cats Are People

Princess Lily Versus Nuri

Sometimes cats just don’t get along. As a cat, I know. I didn’t always get along with my brothers or with the kitten I raised with my girl. We cats do fight. Usually, when we live inside with someone caring for us, we do not fight to the death. We just scream and yell at each other and sometimes come to physical blows. I stress to you humans if you see and hear us fighting, please keep in mind as long as we aren’t clawing each other or causing any kind of wounds, you don’t need to worry. We are … Continue reading Princess Lily Versus Nuri

How Long Can Cats Live?

I find it interesting that human scientists like to study cats. Sometimes I wonder how they could ever understand us, but they do at times. They do their best to back up their research on us as they do with any other kind of research. Some cats do their best to explain and use the scientific methods to get a better understanding of ourselves as well. So, how long can cats live? Well, it varies. One factor is if the cat lives solely outside or solely inside. I used to be an indoor and outdoor cat until after I lived … Continue reading How Long Can Cats Live?

Princess Lily’s Review of Ali’s Work

I know from experience how diligent my girl is about cleaning out the litter box. It was rare for me to have to remind her to do it. She just did it all on her own. It never mattered how many needed to be cleaned out. She would just clean them all out everyday. So, when I girl was busy cleaning out a litter box that belongs to Princess Lily, a fluffy and hard to please cat, my girl was reviewed. My girl has told me her previous human employers never gave her good reviews. Or at least nothing that … Continue reading Princess Lily’s Review of Ali’s Work

Color Blindness

I am a cat and some humans think I’m color blind. They truly believe cats can’t see any colors. Some realize we can see some colors, but not as well as many humans do. I know there were times my girl would give me tiny pieces of white cheddar cheese as a treat. She would set the pieces on the tile floor which was alternating black and white tiles. I could see the cheese on the black tiles without any trouble. But I couldn’t see them on the white tiles. She used to feed me the cheese with her bare … Continue reading Color Blindness

The Diary of Sir Socks Le Chat

My girl (Ali Noel Vyain) recently found my diary. We have decided to release it into the world. It will be available as an ebook, but not until after it’s first serialized via Patreon. My diary features my thoughts, feelings, opinions and why I wrote my memoirs. Just a little sample: Entry 1 I’m just a kitten. My name is Socks. I have a mom Ramadon and three brothers: Paintbrush, Inky and Spitter. We play everyday. Life is nice here. Just one thing puzzles me. I know I don’t know much. I keep asking my mom questions and she answers … Continue reading The Diary of Sir Socks Le Chat

Cats Like to Socialize

As a cat I can tell you we do like to socialize. It’s a myth to believe we are so independent that we won’t interact with you. Speaking for myself, I am shy so I don’t like to be around strangers. I got so used to my girl that I don’t mind talking to her or cuddling with her. Just like others, I need to socialize. It helps when I’m comfortable with others. But it takes me time to get to know people. It doesn’t matter if they are cats or humans. I need to take it slow. I’m so … Continue reading Cats Like to Socialize

Nuri Interview

I came across Nuri who is currently living with my girl. She readily agreed to an interview. Sir Socks (SS): How long have you lived with my girl? Nuri: For a few years. We’ve bounced around quite a few times. I hope we don’t have to travel again, but she seems to think we will. SS: I lived in a few different places with her. I don’t know what the problem is. Whatever it is, it’s bad. I think she has asked for help and can’t get what she needs. Nuri: I know she has anxiety that gets too high … Continue reading Nuri Interview

The Power of a Purr

One of the best things about being a cat is the power of a purr. We can purr for hours. We can stay relaxed and calm without any trouble of all. Our purr is so soothing not just for us, but it has a calming affect on others as well. I know my girl loves it whenever I purr. She will cuddle with me and just breath as she should. I know it’s the best way for me to help her heal up whenever she is sick. We cats have the best power in the universe with our purring. That’s … Continue reading The Power of a Purr

Spot Interview

After my girl interviewed me, I decided to interview the kitten I raised with my girl. Spot was very cooperative. I wasn’t surprised by his responses as he has grown up with me and has always adored me and looked up to me. Sir Socks (SS): Do you mind that I included you in my book? Spot: No, I’m glad you included me. I’ve known you my whole life. Why wouldn’t I be in your book? I thought I was an important person in your life. SS: You are an important person in my life. So is my girl that … Continue reading Spot Interview