graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

Can be quite annoying until they grow up. Can be too playful. I had to raise one and he adored me from the start. I couldn’t stand him at first. He wanted to play all the time. Yet, I know I was a kitten once. I did play then too. But I don’t think I was ever as bad as Spot was. I’m just not silly enough to have been like that.

Kittens have so much to learn. I know I learned a lot as a kitten. I also taught Spot how to be a good cat. He learned from me and he also picked up some weird behaviors from my girl too. If it weren’t for me, there’s not telling how different Spot would have turned out.

I do know kittens are necessary or else cats would disappear. So, fine have a few kittens, but don’t bother me with them.

Lily & Nuri Star in Game of Cats

My girl likes to doodle or actually draw at times. One thing she can draw is cats. So, she drew some cats and eventually came up with a little comic with just one episode so far known as Game of Cats. It features Princess Tiger Lily versus Lady Nuria. It’s just line drawings, but it gets the point across. Those who have seen this as a movie find it funny.

I’m not surprised people find it funny. My girl can be silly and she adores us cats quite a bit. So, it’s a good thing for her to do when she doesn’t have anything else going on. I hope she does some more episodes. Perhaps her drawing will improve and she’ll have an interesting little comic for all of us to read and see.

I wonder if I could get her to draw more pictures of me? Perhaps I could star in one of her comics…


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

For kittens and those cats who remain playful as adults, having a playmate is a good thing. I didn’t mind playing so much when I was a kitten. It was how my brothers and I learned how to fight and how to play without hurting each other. It can be a good way to deal with tensions with other cats without killing each other. Just a playful way of letting others know you’re a bit annoyed, but won’t actually attack and cause harm.

I know I enjoyed having Spot around after I had gotten used to him. We used to play and wrestle to my girl’s delight. She found it entertaining because we didn’t hurt each other. If things had gotten to the point of screaming, she would have gotten involved and separated us. She never tolerated that. I can’t say I blame her that.

Lily is Old & Cranky

Lily is getting older and doesn’t feel great much of the time. It can happen to any cat. We all age and sooner or later we do feel old. My girl just hopes we still get to experience good health too. She doesn’t mind if we slow down and require some humoring now and then. She’s good at taking care of us. She just doesn’t want us to get sick.

Lily has digestive issues and that can’t be helping with her mood. So, she gets cranky at times. My girl knows that and so doesn’t hurt Lily whenever she poops or throws up on the floor. Sometimes my girl gets upset and will scold Lily gently. Lily tends to play dumb and pretend she doesn’t understand.

At other times, Lily tries to complain about Nuri even though Nuri isn’t doing anything at all. Or Lily will hiss at my girl for seemingly no reason at all. It’s no wonder that my girl just walks away and lets Lily complain. Unlike the complains I gave my girl, Lily’s tend to be worthless and not things my girl can fix.

So, in her teens, Lily is allowed to be old and cranky. It’s a good thing her favorite human is aging too. They can grow old together and get cranky together as much as they want.

Nuri Still Wants to Play

At eight years old, Nuri still likes to play. She tries to play with Lily and that doesn’t go over very well. Lily doesn’t like to play and thinks and insists Nuri is trying to attack her royal highness. So, my girl does the best thing she can do. She plays with Nuri. My girl tells Lily she plays with Nuri to protect her royal highness. Lily still doesn’t like it. If she had her way, Nuri wouldn’t be around.

My girl won’t agree to any such terms as she and Nuri are a bonded pair. Only death can separate them now. So, Lily isn’t sure what is going on. Clearly, Lily is an older cat and somewhat cranky. She doesn’t have to play at her age, but Nuri needs the exercise. So, Nuri go ahead and play as much as you want.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

As a cat who has lived indoors and outdoors, I can say it’s wonderful to have servants tending to my every need. It’s rough living outside. Inside it’s possible to have at least one good servant taking care of one. However, finding the right one can take a long time. I know when I finally found the right one, I had to train her as she didn’t know much about taking care of cats.

I’m glad I took the trouble to train her. She turned out to be the best one to take care of me. She was a little whirlwind who had turned my world upside down, and she loved me well (and still does). It is possible to have more than one servant. But one servant is better than none at all. One good servant is still better than lots who don’t have the least idea of what we cats need.

I’m a cat. I never had an owner who was human. I only had servants. I do hope humans can remember we cats are people and not objects to be owned. Hence why humans tend to become our servants and not the other way around.

Nuri & Lily Had to Share a Garage

It has reached my attention that Lady Nuria and Princess Tiger Lily had to share a garage for two months. Lucky for them, my girl slept out there with them. I know that had to help out. I remember when Spot and I had to stay in a garage together, I thought it was great when my girl slept out there with us.

Nuri and Lily had two litter boxes and separate food and water bowls. Nuri didn’t have a real problem with it as my girl kept her company. Lily had some trouble. She was separated from her humans and didn’t understand what was happening. She wasn’t quite sure of my girl either.

That’s why my girl insisted Lily’s favorite humans visit her at least once a day in the garage. Those visits helped Lily to feel better, but she tended to hiss at my girl when it was her bedtime. My girl didn’t like it, but understood what Lily was feeling and didn’t yell. My girl simply told Lily to stop.

There were a few fights, but now Lily likes my girl better and will tolerate Nuri better. It’s rare for Lily and Nuri to hiss and growl at each other, but it still happens on occasion. Best of all, Lily knows if anything happens to her favorite human, my girl will take good care of her.

I think it’s good they no longer have to share a garage and each have their own rooms they share with their favorite humans. Life doesn’t get any better than that for us cats.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

Not a human I particular like to see, but sometimes it’s necessary. I prefer that I don’t take any medication even when many would think it would be better. I don’t like medication as my girl knows. The few times she’s had to give me some, she would use a liquid that I couldn’t spit up. She’d have to chase me and catch me first.

But getting routine check ups and vaccines are a good idea. It’s a preventive sort of medicine. Not pleasant and I did my best to pretend I was somewhere else when they were examining me, especially when they stuck the thermometer inside me. I know my girl agrees with me. Vets are a necessary evil in a cat’s life. Without them, we may not live very long.

If you don’t like the vet, please keep in mind not all vets are bad. There are some who do love us and want to help us out. There are some, I’m happy to report, who understand why we don’t like to take medication and only prescribe when it’s absolutely necessary. For that I am thankful.

How to Tell if Your Human Servant is Depressed and What to Do About It

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

If ever notice when your human sighs? Or seems to stop moving? I’ve seen that with my girl. I would tap her to make sure she was still alive. She always responded when I did so. But still I wondered if she was depressed.

Sometimes when humans are depressed they won’t get up out of bed. They don’t need to sleep off and on all day as we do, so it’s a bad sign. If they forget to eat or feed you, it’s time to do an intervention.

Humans do get depressed and they need us cats to help them get through it. I would suggest give them a head butt and rub up against them. Cuddle up against them and purr as loud as you can. It’s a simple and easy way to let them know you still care.

I’ve done that with my girl and she always got better. It wasn’t always so safe to sleep next to her as she is a restless sleeper, but I do like to sleep with her. It was better when she slept in bigger beds. Then I would have a safe place to sleep near her without having to worry about her crushing me by accident.

I hope these tips help if you human gets depressed. Talking to them might help to. I think they need to socialize as we cats do too.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

I never knew my waste could cause my girl trouble. There is a disease called Toxoplasmosis which humans can get from cleaning up cat infected wastes. My girl usually is very good about cleaning out the litter boxes everyday. If she didn’t it would give the disease causing parasite a chance to cause problems in anyone without a good immune system. Vets will caution humans with weak immune systems or those who are pregnant. One way to help prevent this parasite from causing any problems is by cleaning out the litter box or tray everyday and washing their hands afterwards.

I don’t want my girl or other human servants to get sick. So, please clean out the litter box or tray often. I know I appreciate a clean box. It does get full when there are others who use it too. I strongly urge you to not forget so you don’t get sick. Oh, and wash your hands when you’re done. That’s another good way to stop the spread of disease.

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