Whenever cats talk, most humans hear meow or miaou. Or perhaps even spelled a different way from either of those. It’s hard to say if the cat is reciting one of their latest poems or an article for a magazine, or just hi, but one thing is clear. Cats do talk to their humans. Cats do have things to say. Not necessarily all the time. Sometimes they ask us questions or confirm what they think we are saying to them. Make no mistake meow or miaou means a lot coming from a cat even if humans don’t always know what … Continue reading Meow/Miaou


For any cats, treats are those items they don’t need to help them stay alive. They are those food items which they like to have and may claim they never got them when you ask them. They are small bite size pieces and cats never need much or they could gain weight as many humans can. Treats are something cats like to have when they’re available, but they can get tired of them if they get them too often or too much of them at any time. Continue reading Treats

Wet Food

For a cat, wet food is a wonderful food treat. The good stuff has plenty of meat to get them excited as soon as they smell it. A human pops the lid off and the cat goes crazy until they can have it just below their mouth. Then they chow down. Depending upon whether they have trouble with their teeth or digestive trouble, wet food could be a necessity so the cat won’t go hungry. Usually, it’s just a treat compared to their regular food they eat. I’ve noticed when I give wet food to the cats I live with, … Continue reading Wet Food


Cats need shallow bowls to eat out of. It prevents them from getting too dirty while they eat or even just drink water. I suppose plates could do just as well for food, but not for water. Usually cats have bowls for food and water. It seems to be the easiest for their human caretakers to deal with when providing cats with food and water. Usually the cats I live with don’t tend to get fat when I leave out plenty of food for them. They tend to exercise and of course play quite often. So, I’ve never had to … Continue reading Bowls

Litter Box/Tray

It doesn’t matter to a cat whether you call their toilet a litter box or a litter tray. A litter box or tray can be a simple as a rectangular low plastic box filled with litter. Some are enclosed so the cat can have privacy. I’ve even seen one that was huge and had stairs so the cat could go down into the litter and walk back up to get out of it. There are some which self clean after the cat is done. There are many options and it makes me wonder what cats think about those options. I’ve … Continue reading Litter Box/Tray


Litter can be gritty. It’s usually a form of sand or even pine or ground up wheat or corn. It’s purpose is to absorb cat wastes and make it easy to clean up and get rid of the waste safely. Cats can be very picky and refuse to use the litter if it isn’t what they are used to. I have known one cat not to care and will use the litter if she can find it in a plastic box. I prefer the clumping litter as it makes it much easier to clean up not just poo, but pee … Continue reading Litter


If you live with a cat, you will have to deal with their poo in one form or another. All you have to do is clean it up and throw it away or even compost it. It’s something which can’t be avoided. If you’re good about cleaning it up and throwing it out, any cat you live with will be happy with you. And as long as you clean up their wastes everyday, you won’t run the risk of catching any diseases from cats. One disease is known as Toxoplasma and is caused by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite. It can … Continue reading Poo


Cat pee is something that is easier to deal with if the cat pees on litter. It’s even better if the litter clumps up. Then it’s very easy to clean it up and throw it out. Otherwise, it can be a real pain to clean it up off the floor. I’d recommend tile flooring, even the cheap polyvinyl tile, with a cat and vinegar to clean up their wastes. The floor will get clean and it won’t matter if the cat comes by to inspect and licks the floor afterwards. It’s also worth noting why cat pee smells so bad. … Continue reading Pee