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For a cat, play can be a good way to get exercise or even just learn how to respect themselves and others. Kittens play all the time whereas adult cats may or may not play as they age. I don’t mind playing with cats as I know it’s good for them as it is for me too.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

When a cat is ready to fight, they have already hissed and growled. The last warning is a scream and then they attack. Cat fights are disturbing to listen to. Whenever one breaks out near me, I tried to separate the cats. Usually all I have to do is shout. The cats stop and pretend they weren’t fighting. If necessary, I will dump water on them or spray them with a hose. I know that will stop them.

It’s not good to let cats fight as they can hurt each other causing all kinds of wounds and torn ears.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

In cat language a growl is worse than a hiss. The cat is getting ready to fight. Best to leave a cat alone when they are growling. Clearly they feel threatened and mean to defend themselves.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

In cat language, a hiss is a warning. The cat is irked and wants to be left alone. It is only a mild warning.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

A kitten is simply a baby cat or child cat. They are young and immature. They do grow up in about 1-2 years. They can be silly and want to play all the time. They may deny they are tired when they are quite exhausted. They can be quite cute and learn how to get what they want.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

In my experience, cats tend to do better when they have a playmate their own size. A playmate can be anyone who plays with a cat without hurting them. A playmate is willing to play all the games a cat wants to play while giving them companionship and exercise.


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To a cat, a servant is someone who takes care of them. Cats are such wonderful companions that I don’t mine playing servant to them. Sir Socks trained me well and now I don’t tend to have much trouble taking care of cats. Cats are people and therefore can’t be owned by anyone.


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A vet is a doctor for animals. Cats don’t always like to visit them unless they like traveling and meeting strangers. Vets can and do give life saving vaccines which is preventative medicine cats need to live longer lives. With such good things, I do hope cats can tolerate it. I know I don’t always like seeing doctors either. I do understand why cats don’t always like to see a vet as I’ve had some bad doctors. Hopefully, cats will only see the good vets and their lives improved with better health and happiness.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

Laughing is something some cats do. They play happily and will laugh as they are playing. They laugh when they are around their favorite human. They are the kind of cats who have to play and love to be around others. They tend to be much more outgoing than I am. Cat laughter doesn’t sound like human laughter. It’s quieter, but can still be recognized as such.

Head Butts

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

When a cat approaches a human and head butts the human, it’s a form of affection. It’s a way for the cat to tell the human how they feel. It is just one of the many things a cat will do to a human to tell the human the cat loves them. It’s not a form of abuse. Cats tend to play rough each other and their favorite humans. Cats tend to treat their favorite humans as honorary cats. That’s why cats give their favorite humans head butts.

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