Epistles from…the dog?!

Hi there! I’m Lenny! They told me to make a post this month and I don’t know what to write about but I’m going to do my best! I’m supposed to write all about my big brother Julius and how much I love him! Did I mention my name is Lenny? I’m the only dog in the house, but that doesn’t bother me! I have my humans and my big brother with me so I am the happiest dog in the whole wide world! Julius calls himself the emperor but I just think of him as my very best friend! … Continue reading Epistles from…the dog?!

Epistles from the Emperor: Vol. IX

Reflections and musings on an anniversary. I write to you, dearest subjects, at the turn of another season. I began penning these letters to you nine months ago in the depths of winter. Soon, I will move back to my winter quarters in preparation for long, frozen nights and cloudy, sleepy days. The warmer seasons have been eventful this year, rife with intrigue and change. I am not sure what this winter will bring, but I hope, at the very least, it will bring a kind of peaceful, introspective slowness to my empire, and that I can nap by my … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol. IX

Epistles from the Emperor: Vol VI

Hello again, my dearest subjects. As the cold season passes into warmer tidings, my silent war with Dog continues. The war is still ongoing, although it is a quieter one these days. For the most part, Dog and I have settled into an unspoken truce about territory and dominion, and we have established a working order for how things will go as long as he is a resident occupying space in my empire. My dining and bathroom areas remain private, cordoned off for only the Emperor’s personal use. Dog is not to approach me if I am in my Royal … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol VI

Spot Interview

After my girl interviewed me, I decided to interview the kitten I raised with my girl. Spot was very cooperative. I wasn’t surprised by his responses as he has grown up with me and has always adored me and looked up to me. Sir Socks (SS): Do you mind that I included you in my book? Spot: No, I’m glad you included me. I’ve known you my whole life. Why wouldn’t I be in your book? I thought I was an important person in your life. SS: You are an important person in my life. So is my girl that … Continue reading Spot Interview

I Was a Pumpkin for Halloween 

Mama keeps me close on Halloween  The night when ghouls grow cold and mean And things are not how they should seem I’m Mama’s boy on Halloween  She has pumpkins one, two, and three, But the cold outdoors is not for me  I stay warm on Mama’s knees  Safe inside on Halloween I’m her pumpkin on Halloween  As the witches dance and werewolves sing She keeps me close so I can dream Of caramel cake and pretty things  I’m a pumpkin cat on Halloween  Continue reading I Was a Pumpkin for Halloween 

The Fairy Tail Cat

The ancients sang of fairy tales, dancing folk and wild spells and mythic dreams not meant to tell   on moonlit nights in circle rounds the fairy king I think I’ve found–   little feet upon the ground paw pads four, fire crown “tiger, tiger burning bright” the fairy king is out tonight   with fireflies and fairy flight he dances softly in disguise: he disappears to mortal eyes dancing beneath the summer sky   but a cat among the clover lies a secret king with head held high a fairy king who never dies I see him dancing in … Continue reading The Fairy Tail Cat

Pet in Other Languages

This month’s cat vocabulary word is pet. Cats can be pets that we never own. Of course knowing cats, they probably think of us as their pets. Sometimes they look after us. When I was suffering from a concussion and post-concussion, Nuri tended to cuddle up to me and purr whenever I was resting on my still point inducer to help me recover. She was so sweet. She never complained if I forgot to clean out her litter box. I’d feel bad about forgetting and tried to clean it out as often as I could remember. Pets can and do … Continue reading Pet in Other Languages

On tigers, and why I am one

Tigers, those majestic king-beasts of the feline world, are famous for a number of reasons. They fierce and capable hunters, routinely bringing down large prey in amazing feats of physical performance, and in addition to their athletic prowess, they are dazzlingly handsome, their beautiful stripes and bright eyes enchanting all those who see them. Further, firmly striking their identity apart from that of your average, everyday feline, they enjoy water and swim in it when they want to, something that we would hardly ever see your everyday feline do. Taking these qualities into account, I think it’s safe to say … Continue reading On tigers, and why I am one

The Gremlins in My Litter Box

Recently, I have had the misfortune of being persecuted, my dear followers, by what I can only assume are gremlins in my litter box. I have no idea why these invisible creatures have chosen to come after me, especially now. At troubled points in my past, I dealt with their curmudgeonly attacks, and I dealt with these attacks largely in silence. These attacks, although irritating, would eventually pass, and I would forget about them until they would inevitably return one day without warning. Sometimes weeks would pass where I would be left undisturbed, and I would relish those weeks, relish … Continue reading The Gremlins in My Litter Box

Love at First Sight? Meeting My Forever Human (Julius’ Adoption Story)

Do you believe in love at first sight? I definitely do, because that is exactly what happened with me and my human Clarabelle when we found each other two and a half years ago. Until then, I had experienced a life of heartbreak and false love. My first human family brought me to the shelter when I was just a little kitten. They already had a house full of cats and didn’t want to deal with another crying mouth. Then my next human returned me after only a few months. She was too busy to play with me and left … Continue reading Love at First Sight? Meeting My Forever Human (Julius’ Adoption Story)