Epistles from…the dog?!

Hi there! I’m Lenny! They told me to make a post this month and I don’t know what to write about but I’m going to do my best! I’m supposed to write all about my big brother Julius and how much I love him! Did I mention my name is Lenny? I’m the only dog in the house, but that doesn’t bother me! I have my humans and my big brother with me so I am the happiest dog in the whole wide world! Julius calls himself the emperor but I just think of him as my very best friend! … Continue reading Epistles from…the dog?!

New Website

I recently started a new website. It’s just an experiment and I thought it would be a good idea to do as the literate cat that I am. I will now give book recommendations and some reviews of books that can be found on Smashwords. Those same books might be available from other stores, but it’s hard for me to know unless they are my girl’s books. If you’re interested, please check it out at Sir Socks Le Chat’s Book Recommendations Continue reading New Website

Epistles from the Emperor: Vol. IX

Reflections and musings on an anniversary. I write to you, dearest subjects, at the turn of another season. I began penning these letters to you nine months ago in the depths of winter. Soon, I will move back to my winter quarters in preparation for long, frozen nights and cloudy, sleepy days. The warmer seasons have been eventful this year, rife with intrigue and change. I am not sure what this winter will bring, but I hope, at the very least, it will bring a kind of peaceful, introspective slowness to my empire, and that I can nap by my … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol. IX

Epistles from the Emperor: Vol. VIII

We interrupt your usual monthly communication from the emperor to bring you an emergency missive! Pay attention, readers, for this is an important message from his highness, Emperor Julius! His highness is currently being held hostage and subjected to atrocious acts. Despite his power, he is currently unable to escape from this predicament. His highness requests assistance immediately. He does not know if he will survive. Should he survive, he will be a shadow of his former self, haunted by nightmares. He is suffering horrors he hoped never to experience. The Emperor is being given a bath! This emergency missive … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol. VIII

Epistles from the Emperor: Vol VII

Happy summer tidings, my dearest subjects. A month has already passed since my last missive to all of you. The active, bird-filled days of spring are gone now, having melted away into the long, lazy days of summer. I have completed my move into my summer quarters, as is usual. In warmer months, I typically prefer the airy solitude of my window sleeping-places over my chair by the fireplace. I enjoy my chair, and my bed, and my servants’ laps, but there is a season for everything, and summer is the season for unbothered napping in sunny windowsills. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol VII

Proud Cat Servant

I decided I do another interview. This time I interviewed my girl. So, I found her reading a book. She noticed me of course and set the book down. Ali: What is it, Socki? Sir Socks (SS): I’d like to interview you for my magazine. Ali: Okay, what’s your first question for me? SS: Why did you become a writer? Ali: I couldn’t be anything else. I started writing about as soon as I knew how to form letters on paper. I always remember having the ability to read and I read a lot even when I was a kid. … Continue reading Proud Cat Servant

Epistles from the Emperor: Vol VI

Hello again, my dearest subjects. As the cold season passes into warmer tidings, my silent war with Dog continues. The war is still ongoing, although it is a quieter one these days. For the most part, Dog and I have settled into an unspoken truce about territory and dominion, and we have established a working order for how things will go as long as he is a resident occupying space in my empire. My dining and bathroom areas remain private, cordoned off for only the Emperor’s personal use. Dog is not to approach me if I am in my Royal … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol VI

Epistles from the Emperor: Vol V

Dearest subjects, We are now entering month four of my ongoing war saga with Dog. Where I left off last month, it sounded like things were winding down between me and Dog. It seemed as though some kind of truce was on the horizon for my empire. Alas, my good heart was mistaken. I have come to discover that there never was a real truce, not truly. My war with Dog has now changed from one of raging battles to one of icy jealousy. Dog no longer makes direct attempts to grab my territory, nor does he challenge my sovereignty. … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol V

Epistles from the Emperor: Vol IV

Well, dearest subjects, I have good news. I may have sounded tired and downtrodden in my last letter to you all, and it may have stirred fear and concern among you. My empire enjoyed peace and stability during my unchallenged reign, and the prospect of a power struggle was certainly upsetting. Great empires do fall, but fear not, for the will of God-Emperor Julius, yours truly, has prevailed over that of Dog. It was not easy. I fought tooth and nail–literally and figuratively. I waged back-to-back battles. I fought for every last inch of my territory. Every carpet, every kitchen … Continue reading Epistles from the Emperor: Vol IV