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Mittens for Kittens

Fuzzy and cuddly,
Mittens worn
On hands and feet
Going beyond
The obsolete
Enjoying winter weather
Without wondering whether
Or not to go outside
Because chills might cause
Unreasonable thrills,
But also learn to
Relax and chill,
And simply find a way
To enjoy this only day
No matter what
Others say,
And remember to
Cope with the cold,
And never worry
About getting old,
And express thankfulness
For only this
Moment in time,
Which is the present,
And never resent

Meow How

Cats might meow,
And some would wonder
How dogs would like to
Act sadistically
Towards felines,
When in fact,
All living creatures
Have their own unique features
As a global Animal Kingdom,
And hopefully human beings
Would have the wisdom
To help the Earth,
And possibly create
And appreciate
A new world
Begun at birth

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