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graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

To a cat, we can be their pets. Their beloved humans. They know we think of them as our pets. I don’t know how many humans accept we could be pets to cats. I don’t have a problem with it. It’s fair and reciprocal.

Cat Quotes 4:11

A cat sees us as the dogs. A cat sees himself as the human. —Unknown

Of course cats are superior to humans. They are sleek, agile and intelligent. They are much more coordinated than I could ever be. I’m still learning from them.

Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to a lot of ailments, but I never heard of one who suffered from insomnia. —Joseph Wood Crutch

Cats can and do sleep a lot. I find it comforting as they are calm and relaxed when they sleep and dream. Also, it gives me time to do my work without any of their demands on my time.

Lily is Afraid to Go Outside

Lily is one of those cats who was born inside a house. She has never lived on the street. She rarely goes outside. In fact, she wouldn’t go out even when there was a screened in porch where she could be safe. She just wasn’t interested.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. Being outside can be dangerous. There are too many humans who just can’t be trusted. It’s too easy to get into a fight with another cat. There are cars that don’t see cats. Death can chase us at every turn when we are outside.

So, when Lily got into her new home, she didn’t know what was going on. She stepped outside because her favorite human was outside too. Then her human went back inside the house. Lily panicked. She was outside by herself and didn’t know how to behave. She cried until her human opened the door to let her back in.

Lily hasn’t tried to go outside since them. The only time she goes out now is when her favorite human puts a leash on her and takes her out onto the patio. Lily doesn’t really like it even though she gets a good brushing.

It really is much safer inside. I used to be an indoor and outdoor cat. It’s not pleasant outside. So, if you can get a good human to take care of you, you don’t have to deal with the outside and all of its dangers. It’s just good to have a good home and not have to worry about getting wet in the rain or snow. Or mean dogs or humans who could hurt or even kill you.


graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

As a cat who has lived indoors and outdoors, I can say it’s wonderful to have servants tending to my every need. It’s rough living outside. Inside it’s possible to have at least one good servant taking care of one. However, finding the right one can take a long time. I know when I finally found the right one, I had to train her as she didn’t know much about taking care of cats.

I’m glad I took the trouble to train her. She turned out to be the best one to take care of me. She was a little whirlwind who had turned my world upside down, and she loved me well (and still does). It is possible to have more than one servant. But one servant is better than none at all. One good servant is still better than lots who don’t have the least idea of what we cats need.

I’m a cat. I never had an owner who was human. I only had servants. I do hope humans can remember we cats are people and not objects to be owned. Hence why humans tend to become our servants and not the other way around.

Nuri & Lily Had to Share a Garage

It has reached my attention that Lady Nuria and Princess Tiger Lily had to share a garage for two months. Lucky for them, my girl slept out there with them. I know that had to help out. I remember when Spot and I had to stay in a garage together, I thought it was great when my girl slept out there with us.

Nuri and Lily had two litter boxes and separate food and water bowls. Nuri didn’t have a real problem with it as my girl kept her company. Lily had some trouble. She was separated from her humans and didn’t understand what was happening. She wasn’t quite sure of my girl either.

That’s why my girl insisted Lily’s favorite humans visit her at least once a day in the garage. Those visits helped Lily to feel better, but she tended to hiss at my girl when it was her bedtime. My girl didn’t like it, but understood what Lily was feeling and didn’t yell. My girl simply told Lily to stop.

There were a few fights, but now Lily likes my girl better and will tolerate Nuri better. It’s rare for Lily and Nuri to hiss and growl at each other, but it still happens on occasion. Best of all, Lily knows if anything happens to her favorite human, my girl will take good care of her.

I think it’s good they no longer have to share a garage and each have their own rooms they share with their favorite humans. Life doesn’t get any better than that for us cats.

How to Tell if Your Human Servant is Depressed and What to Do About It

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

If ever notice when your human sighs? Or seems to stop moving? I’ve seen that with my girl. I would tap her to make sure she was still alive. She always responded when I did so. But still I wondered if she was depressed.

Sometimes when humans are depressed they won’t get up out of bed. They don’t need to sleep off and on all day as we do, so it’s a bad sign. If they forget to eat or feed you, it’s time to do an intervention.

Humans do get depressed and they need us cats to help them get through it. I would suggest give them a head butt and rub up against them. Cuddle up against them and purr as loud as you can. It’s a simple and easy way to let them know you still care.

I’ve done that with my girl and she always got better. It wasn’t always so safe to sleep next to her as she is a restless sleeper, but I do like to sleep with her. It was better when she slept in bigger beds. Then I would have a safe place to sleep near her without having to worry about her crushing me by accident.

I hope these tips help if you human gets depressed. Talking to them might help to. I think they need to socialize as we cats do too.


graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

Laughing is something some cats do. They play happily and will laugh as they are playing. They laugh when they are around their favorite human. They are the kind of cats who have to play and love to be around others. They tend to be much more outgoing than I am. Cat laughter doesn’t sound like human laughter. It’s quieter, but can still be recognized as such.

Head Butts

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

When a cat approaches a human and head butts the human, it’s a form of affection. It’s a way for the cat to tell the human how they feel. It is just one of the many things a cat will do to a human to tell the human the cat loves them. It’s not a form of abuse. Cats tend to play rough each other and their favorite humans. Cats tend to treat their favorite humans as honorary cats. That’s why cats give their favorite humans head butts.

Living with Humans

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

Living with humans isn’t always great, but from what I hear, it’s better than living outside. I’ve never lived outside very long. Just that time I was so mad about the kitten, but eventually my girl convinced me to go back home with her.

I did and I haven’t regretted it since. At least she never had many other humans in our home as other humans I used to live with. Before her, I wasn’t as loved and cherished. I was the cat who was ignored. She changed that.

So, if you’re a cat and you’re lucky enough to get a devoted human, take them when they come. Your life will be blessed and much safer than if you have to fend for yourself and on your own.

Cats Like to Socialize

graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

As a cat I can tell you we do like to socialize. It’s a myth to believe we are so independent that we won’t interact with you. Speaking for myself, I am shy so I don’t like to be around strangers. I got so used to my girl that I don’t mind talking to her or cuddling with her. Just like others, I need to socialize. It helps when I’m comfortable with others. But it takes me time to get to know people. It doesn’t matter if they are cats or humans. I need to take it slow.

I’m so glad my girl understands this about me. That’s why when she decided to have a little birthday party for herself, she gave me a place where I could hide and no one bothered me. Isis, on the other paw, is very outgoing and she greeted and interacted with everyone who stopped by. That’s just how she is. It’s better that she did so and enjoyed it. I could never play host.

We cats do like to socialize, but it depends on how shy or outgoing we are as to how much we want to socialize and with whom we will socialize. Please remember that if you decide to live with us.

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