Nuri & Lily Had to Share a Garage

It has reached my attention that Lady Nuria and Princess Tiger Lily had to share a garage for two months. Lucky for them, my girl slept out there with them. I know that had to help out. I remember when Spot and I had to stay in a garage together, I thought it was great when my girl slept out there with us.

Nuri and Lily had two litter boxes and separate food and water bowls. Nuri didn’t have a real problem with it as my girl kept her company. Lily had some trouble. She was separated from her humans and didn’t understand what was happening. She wasn’t quite sure of my girl either.

That’s why my girl insisted Lily’s favorite humans visit her at least once a day in the garage. Those visits helped Lily to feel better, but she tended to hiss at my girl when it was her bedtime. My girl didn’t like it, but understood what Lily was feeling and didn’t yell. My girl simply told Lily to stop.

There were a few fights, but now Lily likes my girl better and will tolerate Nuri better. It’s rare for Lily and Nuri to hiss and growl at each other, but it still happens on occasion. Best of all, Lily knows if anything happens to her favorite human, my girl will take good care of her.

I think it’s good they no longer have to share a garage and each have their own rooms they share with their favorite humans. Life doesn’t get any better than that for us cats.

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