The Confession of a Cat

like a pile of compressed fog caught on a twig at the mountainwaist the cat hunches on the sofa’s shoulder where i see the whole house of life genetically domesticated behind the doors that most hateful human invention   yes, i am a bimental being as my feline friend has revealed i can readily detect the moods of my human family members often switching my personality with my drifting kittenhood as i tease or avoid them behind doors who know i enjoy solitary stalking and respect my rented privacy but none of them was born in the year of my … Continue reading The Confession of a Cat


After Spot was no longer a kitten, we continued to wrestle together. Sometimes I would jump on him and then we’d be all over the room. My girl would watch us and laugh. She thought it was a show we were giving her. I suppose in a way we were. At other times, he attacked me. But the results were always the same. Once when we were in a wrestling mode, we faced each other from opposite ends of the room. My girl was in the middle and watched us. He and I wiggled our tails and butts at the … Continue reading Spot