Showing Affection

Too many humans believe we cats are aloof and don’t show affection. As a shy cat, I don’t show any affection to strangers. I will show affection to my girl and other cats I’ve learned to live with. I tend to do so by rubbing up against those I love. Or licking their faces. Cleaning their fur or hair. Even head butting is a way to show affection. If you’re not sure, just let the cat get to know you first and treat them well. Sooner or later they will get affectionate with you. Continue reading Showing Affection


Sometimes humans think our eyes are glowing. Some humans find us frightening for that reason when they come across us in the dark. Our eyes don’t glow, they just reflect the light. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes the reflection happens when someone takes a picture of us and the flash goes off. It’s very obvious in the dark when a little light is caught by our eyes. I don’t understand why any human finds it so frightening. It’s a normal phenomena. It’s the way our eyes are made. There are human scientists who understand this after studying us for years. … Continue reading Reflection

Tail Expressions

Tail expressions tend to be overlooked by many humans. But our tails can communicate in ways our meows can’t. For example, when a cat carries their tail upright, it means they are happy. I know I walk around with my tail upright often. I’m quiet, but I’m still quite content. If the tail is down low, such as lying straight on the cat’s back, it means the cat is nervous. Nuri used to walk like that when she first went to live with my girl. After Nuri learned how safe her new home was and how good my girl is, … Continue reading Tail Expressions

Litter Box Training

Usually a cat mother will teach her kittens how to use a litter box or tray. I know my mother taught me when I was very young. Not that I remember it. I didn’t always use a litter box until after I went to live with my girl. She actually showed me the box of litter and even picked me up and set me down in it. I knew what it was for and used it when I needed to. Spot was a different story. My girl brought him home and he was much too young. My girl had to … Continue reading Litter Box Training

Cat Saliva

Apparently human scientists have managed to prove cat saliva has a mild detergent which helps clean our fur. It also contains a lot of bacteria. Bacteria is everywhere as my girl tells me. The detergent is interesting. We cats use our tongues to clean our fur and we’ve been doing it for centuries. I don’t suppose I ever questioned it before I found out what the human scientists have been up to, but it’s good to know my body is designed well. I don’t think any human gets to take credit for the cat design. Continue reading Cat Saliva

How Long Can Cats Live?

I find it interesting that human scientists like to study cats. Sometimes I wonder how they could ever understand us, but they do at times. They do their best to back up their research on us as they do with any other kind of research. Some cats do their best to explain and use the scientific methods to get a better understanding of ourselves as well. So, how long can cats live? Well, it varies. One factor is if the cat lives solely outside or solely inside. I used to be an indoor and outdoor cat until after I lived … Continue reading How Long Can Cats Live?

Color Blindness

I am a cat and some humans think I’m color blind. They truly believe cats can’t see any colors. Some realize we can see some colors, but not as well as many humans do. I know there were times my girl would give me tiny pieces of white cheddar cheese as a treat. She would set the pieces on the tile floor which was alternating black and white tiles. I could see the cheese on the black tiles without any trouble. But I couldn’t see them on the white tiles. She used to feed me the cheese with her bare … Continue reading Color Blindness

Cats Like to Socialize

As a cat I can tell you we do like to socialize. It’s a myth to believe we are so independent that we won’t interact with you. Speaking for myself, I am shy so I don’t like to be around strangers. I got so used to my girl that I don’t mind talking to her or cuddling with her. Just like others, I need to socialize. It helps when I’m comfortable with others. But it takes me time to get to know people. It doesn’t matter if they are cats or humans. I need to take it slow. I’m so … Continue reading Cats Like to Socialize

The Power of a Purr

One of the best things about being a cat is the power of a purr. We can purr for hours. We can stay relaxed and calm without any trouble of all. Our purr is so soothing not just for us, but it has a calming affect on others as well. I know my girl loves it whenever I purr. She will cuddle with me and just breath as she should. I know it’s the best way for me to help her heal up whenever she is sick. We cats have the best power in the universe with our purring. That’s … Continue reading The Power of a Purr

Gifts of Dead Animals

It’s not uncommon for us cats to give our devoted humans gifts of dead animals. I myself have given such gifts to my girl. I know she doesn’t eat animals, so I helped myself to the parts that I like to eat. I gave her the rest. When she saw the gifts, she screamed. *Sigh.* I hope she understands why I gave her the gifts, but it doesn’t appear she understood at the time. I guess she loves animals in general too much to like any such gifts as those I gave her. I only did it because of how … Continue reading Gifts of Dead Animals