Living in a Shelter

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

From what I hear from cats who have been in shelters, some are good and some are bad. Some shelters kill cats if they been in them too long and no one has adopted them. Others keep on taking care of the cats no matter what.

The point of shelters is to keep cats off the streets and give them a chance to have a home of their own. It’s not a fool proof system. The best any cat can do is to appear their cutest to attract a human caretaker.

I wish we could have had featured charities such as cat shelters. Then we could present some of the cats who are trying to get adopted. It would give the cats a change at a better life, but sadly no one has taken me up on it.

So, to those cats who are living in shelters, may you get claimed by the best human servants for you. May you learn how wonderful some humans can be and how much they will love and adore you for the rest of your lives.

Living on the Street

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

I was once an indoor and outdoor cat. I had the freedom to roam between the house and outside as well. I was born in a woodpile in a backyard. My mother, after she abandoned my brothers and me, went to live across the street. So, I have never lived on the street as other cats, such as Nuri, have.

From their stories, it sounds like a nightmare to me. To have to worry where your next meal will come from. Perhaps you’ll find mice or rats to eat. But what if there is no prey around? I guess they get into the human’s garbage to find some food. That’s not a good diet for a cat and it’s messy.

Then there are territorial disputes which could be fought to the death. Or more kittens get born than we could take care of. I don’t want to think about it. I urge humans to help those cats and at least put them in shelters where the cats have a chance at an actual home.

My girl tells me we saved Spot from living on the street. He and his mother and siblings were living on the street until someone gave the little fur ball to her. So, I hope there are plenty of happy stories such as that to those cats who are born on the street.

Living with Other Cats

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

I’ve lived with other cats inside. Usually it’s easier when you share the home. There’s no reason for vicious fights. But cats from outside try to come in and take over. Those cats aren’t fun. They are bullies.

Sometimes cats just show up and want to come in because they are attracted to my girl. It’s true she’s a crazy cat lady or gattara as the Italians say. Cats are attracted to her ever since I claimed her as my own. She did bring home a kitten and eventually he grew up. I’m so glad he did.

I couldn’t stand when he was a kitten and just wanted to play with me. I just wanted to be left alone so I could sleep and dream. He never cared. He thought since I was the adult cat that I would play with him whenever he wanted to.

After he became an adult, I discovered how much I love him. The little guy grew on me. He still looks up to me, but now it was at the same level.

New Website

I recently started a new website. It’s just an experiment and I thought it would be a good idea to do as the literate cat that I am. I will now give book recommendations and some reviews of books that can be found on Smashwords. Those same books might be available from other stores, but it’s hard for me to know unless they are my girl’s books.

If you’re interested, please check it out at Sir Socks Le Chat’s Book Recommendations

Living with Humans

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

Living with humans isn’t always great, but from what I hear, it’s better than living outside. I’ve never lived outside very long. Just that time I was so mad about the kitten, but eventually my girl convinced me to go back home with her.

I did and I haven’t regretted it since. At least she never had many other humans in our home as other humans I used to live with. Before her, I wasn’t as loved and cherished. I was the cat who was ignored. She changed that.

So, if you’re a cat and you’re lucky enough to get a devoted human, take them when they come. Your life will be blessed and much safer than if you have to fend for yourself and on your own.

Cats Are People

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

The fact that I have to say cats are people indicates a serious problem in this world. As a cat, I watch humans and can’t understand why you seem to think it’s okay to fight among yourselves to decide who gets medical treatment and decent food to eat. Those same prejudicial humans like to assert cats are objects to be owned and not people at all.

Those humans have no idea how wrong they are. It’s your thinking which is wrong and deranged. It’s the kind of thinking which leads to serious illnesses. I can be sneaky. I’m so quiet and stealthful that I don’t have to deal with you. I can avoid you and I do.

That is why I am glad I was blessed with someone like my girl. She never gave me a hard time for being a cat. If anything, she accepted me as I am and encouraged me to become braver. She saw the good in me and encouraged me to be better. I did the same for her. I taught her about unconditional love and she has never forgotten those lessons.

Cats are people and so is my girl. I’m not sure I want to consider prejudicial humans to be people because they refuse to consider me a person. My girl considers me a person as she does all cats. She knows we are not objects to be owned.

Oh, and my girl has told me she has had to tell humans similar things about her. She knows she’s a person and not an object to be owned by anyone else. No wonder we get along so well.

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