New Website

I recently started a new website. It’s just an experiment and I thought it would be a good idea to do as the literate cat that I am. I will now give book recommendations and some reviews of books that can be found on Smashwords. Those same books might be available from other stores, but it’s hard for me to know unless they are my girl’s books. If you’re interested, please check it out at Sir Socks Le Chat’s Book Recommendations Continue reading New Website

Princess Lily’s Review of Ali’s Work

I know from experience how diligent my girl is about cleaning out the litter box. It was rare for me to have to remind her to do it. She just did it all on her own. It never mattered how many needed to be cleaned out. She would just clean them all out everyday. So, when I girl was busy cleaning out a litter box that belongs to Princess Lily, a fluffy and hard to please cat, my girl was reviewed. My girl has told me her previous human employers never gave her good reviews. Or at least nothing that … Continue reading Princess Lily’s Review of Ali’s Work