Sometimes humans think our eyes are glowing. Some humans find us frightening for that reason when they come across us in the dark. Our eyes don’t glow, they just reflect the light. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes the reflection happens when someone takes a picture of us and the flash goes off. It’s very obvious in the dark when a little light is caught by our eyes. I don’t understand why any human finds it so frightening. It’s a normal phenomena. It’s the way our eyes are made. There are human scientists who understand this after studying us for years. … Continue reading Reflection


Our eyes have been known to creep out quite a few people. You can’t see us very well in the dark, but you might see our reflected eyes staring right at you. Sounds scary? I never thought I was scary unless I was hunting. Otherwise, I was just a cat who was lying in the sun or meditating or complaining to someone who cared to listen to me. My girl admitted to me that she couldn’t see as well as I could in the dark. She said when she turned out the lights, she couldn’t see me anymore. She used … Continue reading Eyes