Living on the Street

I was once an indoor and outdoor cat. I had the freedom to roam between the house and outside as well. I was born in a woodpile in a backyard. My mother, after she abandoned my brothers and me, went to live across the street. So, I have never lived on the street as other cats, such as Nuri, have. From their stories, it sounds like a nightmare to me. To have to worry where your next meal will come from. Perhaps you’ll find mice or rats to eat. But what if there is no prey around? I guess they … Continue reading Living on the Street


For any cats, treats are those items they don’t need to help them stay alive. They are those food items which they like to have and may claim they never got them when you ask them. They are small bite size pieces and cats never need much or they could gain weight as many humans can. Treats are something cats like to have when they’re available, but they can get tired of them if they get them too often or too much of them at any time. Continue reading Treats


Cats need shallow bowls to eat out of. It prevents them from getting too dirty while they eat or even just drink water. I suppose plates could do just as well for food, but not for water. Usually cats have bowls for food and water. It seems to be the easiest for their human caretakers to deal with when providing cats with food and water. Usually the cats I live with don’t tend to get fat when I leave out plenty of food for them. They tend to exercise and of course play quite often. So, I’ve never had to … Continue reading Bowls