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graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

To a cat, love is the best thing in the world. Cats tend to love unconditionally and forever. I learned how to love unconditionally from Sir Socks. I knew he loved me dearly even when I was driving him crazy. We love each other unconditionally and will never stop. We just have a personally clash as he is a curmudgeon and I’m quite silly. Yet, we are able to get along much of the time.

Living with Humans

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

Living with humans isn’t always great, but from what I hear, it’s better than living outside. I’ve never lived outside very long. Just that time I was so mad about the kitten, but eventually my girl convinced me to go back home with her.

I did and I haven’t regretted it since. At least she never had many other humans in our home as other humans I used to live with. Before her, I wasn’t as loved and cherished. I was the cat who was ignored. She changed that.

So, if you’re a cat and you’re lucky enough to get a devoted human, take them when they come. Your life will be blessed and much safer than if you have to fend for yourself and on your own.

Cats & Humans

graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

What is it about the combination of cats and humans? I’ve asked myself many times. Too many humans are annoying and don’t like me. They think I’m too whiny. But not my girl. She always thought I had legitimate complaints. She did her best to take care of the problems and make my life more comfortable. She has succeeded so well that I don’t need to talk all the time anymore.

Hmm. I suppose some combinations of cats and humans work out well. I would hope if the cat is a familiar to a witch that those combinations are good too. Helping out everyone on this planet. Bringing love and healing to those who need it. Otherwise what would be the point? I’m not into destruction. I’m into building. Strong, sturdy relationships which will last throughout time and across death. Beyond death itself. I want bonds that last and won’t dissolve when one of us dies.

Cats & Dogs

graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

The age old story of cats and dogs. The famous sayings that we’re not meant to get along. I don’t usually like dogs. Although I’ve been associating with some on Twitter. They aren’t so bad on Twitter. In real life, they have tormented and chased me. But not always. Some were fans of cats. But I still didn’t like them. Even my girl tried to tell me about the one dog who wanted to get to know me better. He was a major cat fan. He even lived with a cat.

I don’t get it. I’m used to the mean sort of dogs who will kill us cats given the chance. Not like the dog who likes to play with Nuri. She isn’t me. She doesn’t attack this dog who is bigger than she is, but still a small dog. Nuri tends to smell him, but he usually gets too hyper for her. It is kind of funny in a way. She handles herself better with dogs than I ever have.

Except for those on Twitter. What is it about Twitter that makes it okay for me to have something to do with dogs? I know they can’t attack me. Perhaps that’s part of it. That and I can’t smell them.


photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

My girl is a crazy cat lady. There could be no doubt of it by this time. I know her so well. I was happy with her and Spot. I didn’t even mind if the fairies came to visit me on those rare occasions when they would make me run around crazily. But I nearly had no warning for this new cat. Apparently, there was one who needed a new home and my girl was asked.

Of course my girl could not say no to another cat. What crazy cat lady can? Especially to a cat who is in trouble?

When Isis first arrived, she wasn’t fixed and she was an adult. Spot and I tried to teach her her place. We cats must have an established order. It is much easier to create with new kittens. But adults are an entirely different matter. My girl actually intervened in this. I don’t understand why. She never had before this. But my girl would tell us to stop trying to dominate Isis. She would scream even though Spot and I are eunuchs. We couldn’t get her pregnant.

I did stop when my girl asked. Then Isis would slap me with her forepaw. I was completely confused. Why was my girl telling me not to do that to Isis? And Isis didn’t like it either. Was it a girl thing? I know they are both women. *Sigh.*

When it was my girl’s bedtime, she would give Isis her own litter box, a water bowl, and a food bowl. Then Isis would be isolated from Spot and me. What that necessary?

Whenever Spot or I was on Isis, she would fuss and complain and eventually scream. It’s the way cats protest against having another cat dominate them. I suppose it doesn’t sound pleasant to most humans. We did live in an apartment with neighbors close by.

Then my girl took things a step further. She took Isis out of our home for several hours. My girl said it was to get Isis fixed. Isis thought my girl was silly to talk to her about the operation. But it happened. When it was time, my girl took Isis away. My girl came back later without Isis. I was terribly upset and asked my girl to bring the new cat back.

photos taken by Ali Noel Vyain

What was wrong with me? I was upset when Isis had come and then I was upset when my girl had taken her away. My girl assured me it wouldn’t be long before she’d bring Isis back. But I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. To our family. Once again my girl the whirlwind had introduced another element into our life.

And here were the results. Me complaining that the new cat was gone. That same day, my girl left the apartment again to return later with Isis! I was happy. I missed the black cat while she was out to a place I had no idea of.

But when Isis came back, she was out of it and not walking all on four paws. She didn’t even want to come out of her carrier right away. That’s odd behavior for a cat. Spot went over to her to greet her. She didn’t like that and my girl pulled him out of the carrier. I suppose Isis was acting that way because of whatever the humans had given her. She certainly smelled different now.

Eventually, Isis came out and soon acting like her old self. It was after this that she decided I was an okay cat to have around. I was relieved. I didn’t want to lose her after she had came into our lives. Besides, she was a good playmate for Spot. I was happy when they played together. It meant they would leave me alone. So much the better.

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

Isis was a bit different too. She knew she couldn’t get pregnant. That’s probably why she was okay with me after her surgery. Spot and I no longer tried to dominate her. My girl was relieved we were all getting along better. She no longer isolated Isis when it was bedtime. We were all much quieter again. So the neighbors didn’t need to be bothered by our antics.

So Isis became a part of the family. We got along. I could meditate as much as I wanted. Spot had a good playmate and it didn’t have to be me now that I was a senior cat. My life couldn’t have been better.

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain


photos taken by Ali Noel Vyain

After Spot was no longer a kitten, we continued to wrestle together. Sometimes I would jump on him and then we’d be all over the room. My girl would watch us and laugh. She thought it was a show we were giving her. I suppose in a way we were. At other times, he attacked me. But the results were always the same.

Once when we were in a wrestling mode, we faced each other from opposite ends of the room. My girl was in the middle and watched us. He and I wiggled our tails and butts at the same time. All that was missing was Ding! We leaped at each other at the same time right in front of her. Those were the days.

After we were done, there would be silence and we’d cuddle and sleep together. My girl never stopped us from fighting. She didn’t care. I think she understands that we just had disagreements and this was how we dealt with them. I suppose if we were going to harm or even kill each other, she would have stepped in. But it was better that she stayed out and let us do what we needed to do.

We cats do need to establish our own order. No human or anyone else can do it for us. We just have to have order and then we can get along after that. Although, it’s better when the newer cats are just kittens. Then they will just accept any older adult cats as the ones in charge and they won’t challenge the order. Kittens can be accepting like that.

So, I’m glad he was just a kitten when he showed up. I was happy I was the one in charge and he grew up. Kittens are truly annoying until they mature. Then it’s a another cat buddy you have around you day and night. You never have to be alone.

Even though he was no longer a kitten, he never grew out of being adorable. He continued to pose for my girl. She was able to catch him in all sorts of poses and attitudes. He truly was a model. She went through different kinds of cameras. You could say we cats outlived her cameras.

photos taken by Ali Noel Vyain

I don’t even know how many different kinds of cameras she had over her life. I certainly remember her using a Polaroid as the first one. The square pictures give that one away. The film developed right in front of us. She no longer has those pictures as hard copies. She scanned them all in at some point.

After that, she had a digital camera her dad had given her. She used it, but not as much as he would have. I don’t know why that was. She even used a camera that came with her cellphone. That wasn’t always so great for a camera. I don’t know if she will ever use a camera that comes with a cellphone again.

Spot wasn’t just adorable, he had some real cattitude, as they call it on Twitter. He knew how to pose and show it off. My girl could catch him and capture the moment digitally. I know she went to school and studied graphic design. While doing that, she stopped getting pictures printed out as she used to.

photos taken by Ali Noel Vyain

Instead, she would play with some of the pictures she took of us and sometimes she’d print them out herself. We were featured in her projects for school. It’s quite an honor to be immortalized by humans. My girl is also a writer. Most of her work is done on computers. She could do it all by hand, but it would take much longer and she could risk hurting her hands and wrists.

As you can see from some of these picture collages, Spot had a tendency to pose with a computer. Whether behind it, or to the side of it on a printer or even on top of a computer, he knew how to get her attention. He was brave enough to tell her she wasn’t allowed on the computer all day. I never would have said anything.

photos taken by Ali Noel Vyain

I knew she was working on them. I know her well enough to know she could keep herself occupied whether she worked for someone else or not. She had plenty of satisfying work she could do right in our home. I loved it when she worked at home because then she was there whenever I needed her throughout the day. She was also quiet for long periods of time so I could meditate and sleep as much as I wanted to.

By the time Spot had grown up, he had completely won me over. He didn’t grow out out of wanting to play or wrestle. He was still adorable. He was my best friend. I’m glad my girl brought him home. She must have known and understood how much I needed another cat. Even when I didn’t think I wanted a new cat around me.

He certainly has kept me on my toes. I never knew when he wanted to play or simply wrestle. At other times, I was the one who went after him. He didn’t mind. He was ready for me when I wanted to wrestle. I could also teach him more about being a cat. He was a good student. He had picked up some habits from my girl and I still don’t know what to think about that.

But what can you do when a kitten is raised by a human? Of course they will imitate the human. It was a good thing I was there or else he wouldn’t have acted like a cat too. Even though he was an adult cat, he was a real mama’s boy. He loved to be picked up and carried by my girl. I can’t say I understand. I never thought I was that bad with my mama. But Spot certainly was.

My girl and Spot were both so full of love and kindness. I’m glad I am able to share my life with the two of them. They could also play together and leave me to my sleep or meditation.

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