Proud Cat Servant

I decided I do another interview. This time I interviewed my girl. So, I found her reading a book. She noticed me of course and set the book down. Ali: What is it, Socki? Sir Socks (SS): I’d like to interview you for my magazine. Ali: Okay, what’s your first question for me? SS: Why did you become a writer? Ali: I couldn’t be anything else. I started writing about as soon as I knew how to form letters on paper. I always remember having the ability to read and I read a lot even when I was a kid. … Continue reading Proud Cat Servant

Nuri Interview

I came across Nuri who is currently living with my girl. She readily agreed to an interview. Sir Socks (SS): How long have you lived with my girl? Nuri: For a few years. We’ve bounced around quite a few times. I hope we don’t have to travel again, but she seems to think we will. SS: I lived in a few different places with her. I don’t know what the problem is. Whatever it is, it’s bad. I think she has asked for help and can’t get what she needs. Nuri: I know she has anxiety that gets too high … Continue reading Nuri Interview

Spot Interview

After my girl interviewed me, I decided to interview the kitten I raised with my girl. Spot was very cooperative. I wasn’t surprised by his responses as he has grown up with me and has always adored me and looked up to me. Sir Socks (SS): Do you mind that I included you in my book? Spot: No, I’m glad you included me. I’ve known you my whole life. Why wouldn’t I be in your book? I thought I was an important person in your life. SS: You are an important person in my life. So is my girl that … Continue reading Spot Interview

Sir Socks Interview

I found Sir Socks in a good mood and a good place. So, I sat down in front of him. Sir Socks (SS): Ali, what are you doing now? Ali: Interviewing you. SS: Why? Ali: Because I think the readers of Sir Socks Le Chat magazine would like to learn more about you. Sir Socks sighed. I raised my eyebrows as I waited patiently on him. SS: Oh, right, go ahead and ask your questions. Ali: Why did you start this magazine? SS: I saw a need that wasn’t being addressed fully. There are charities which get ignored for one … Continue reading Sir Socks Interview