Proud Cat Servant

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

I decided I do another interview. This time I interviewed my girl. So, I found her reading a book. She noticed me of course and set the book down.

Ali: What is it, Socki?

Sir Socks (SS): I’d like to interview you for my magazine.

Ali: Okay, what’s your first question for me?

SS: Why did you become a writer?

Ali: I couldn’t be anything else. I started writing about as soon as I knew how to form letters on paper. I always remember having the ability to read and I read a lot even when I was a kid. I found there were adults in my life who refused to listen to me and so I vented by writing to help me cope with their behavior. Writing is like breathing. I don’t know how to live without it. It helps calm me down and keeps me from blowing up at people for the dumbest reasons.

SS: You are a calm human. You hardly yelled at us cats, even when you had good reason to.

Ali: That’s because you are so stubborn and insisted on peeing on the floor because you were mad at me. You still freaked out when I said something calmly to you and knew you were in trouble.

SS: This is true. (pause to stare at my girl) So, now you’re a writer, editor and graphic designer. How did that all come about?

Ali: I started with just writing and learned how to edit my own work. I kept pushing myself to learn how to write a variety of things such as non-fiction articles, poetry, short stories and novels. I’ve put together a magazine known as The Moon for 13 years. It was in the middle of that working on that magazine that I learned graphic design and am glad I did.

SS: Do you still push yourself?

Ali: Yes, I still push myself with the writing. I also find I still need to work on my drawing as it’s my weakest skill. I am getting better mainly because I told myself it was okay to make mistakes and just practice on simpler drawings for now. I know with more practice I will get better at it. I just can’t judge myself while I’m practicing as I don’t judge while I’m drafting. It’s not until I edit that I bring in the judgements. I do tend to judge the drawings I do after I finish them.

SS: (purr) I knew I picked the right human to take care of me and to run my magazine.

Ali: Well, of course you did. You trained me so well that now I can’t live without a cat. Even cats who don’t know me well know they can ask me to give them more food.

SS: Are you happy as a devoted cat servant?

Ali: Yes, you and others have brought me lots of joy. I know you’ve helped me with social issues I seem to have with other humans. Some don’t like how quiet I am, but cats such as yourself never care about such things. You know how much care I was willing to give you that you refused in the end. I don’t regret what I’ve done for any of you cats.

SS: (purr) Good. I’m glad you take pride in taking care of cats and your work too.

I continued to purr as she petted me. I couldn’t ask for a better human.

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