The Rainbow Bridge

We all die. So, this part shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. It still was to my girl. I think she knew the end could come at some point. We were going to be separated by death. Yet, she didn’t act like she had prepared herself. She just noticed that I was limping. She asked me what was wrong. I honestly didn’t know at the time. Then she took me to the vet. She stuffed me into a carrier and took me for a walk. Eventually, we got on a bus and went to the vet that way. She told … Continue reading The Rainbow Bridge

The Dollhouse

When all three of us had established a routine, my girl decided to build a dollhouse. As I’ve written before, she is insane and will admit it. I wasn’t interested in getting close to the dollhouse. So, I stayed back and meditated. My girl is typically active and doing something. She typically has some kind of project going on. It wasn’t anything new with her. Spot and Isis had to get up close to see what my girl was doing. They had to watch. I don’t know why they had to watch, and they both thought she built the dollhouse … Continue reading The Dollhouse


My girl is a crazy cat lady. There could be no doubt of it by this time. I know her so well. I was happy with her and Spot. I didn’t even mind if the fairies came to visit me on those rare occasions when they would make me run around crazily. But I nearly had no warning for this new cat. Apparently, there was one who needed a new home and my girl was asked. Of course my girl could not say no to another cat. What crazy cat lady can? Especially to a cat who is in trouble? … Continue reading Isis

Our Last Home

We had to move a couple of more times, but this last place was our own. So, I finally got my wish with her. It is the last place I remember living at. This was also the place in which Isis came to live with us. My girl was working a regular job outside of our home again too. I was glad when we could stay in the same place for years. This was a comfort after all the moving around we did. I just hope my girl doesn’t have to keep moving when she doesn’t like it so well. … Continue reading Our Last Home

New Apartment—Moving Again

After some time, my girl was able to get another apartment for the three of us. We were there for a time. Moving wasn’t fun, but after all our things were in and we were there, things got better fast. There was another sleeping alcove. She put up a curtain to make it dark and cozy just as before. Spot and I used to cuddle and sleep on her bed. It didn’t matter if she was there or not. It was a noisy place. Much too noisy. Spot and I thought there would be strangers coming into the apartment. But … Continue reading New Apartment—Moving Again

Outside Again?

I used to be an indoor and outdoor cat. I came and went as I pleased. That was until after I had lived with my girl for some time. At first, she wouldn’t let me out at all. Eventually, she let me out when she left to go to school. When she came home, so did I. Although, she once saw me on her way home and I was running in the opposite direction. As soon as I realized it was her calling me, I ran back to the porch where the door to where our first home was. She … Continue reading Outside Again?

Losing My Foreclaws

This wasn’t my idea. I know now it wasn’t my girl’s idea either. It was her mother’s. That woman wouldn’t let Spot or me into house until after we had our foreclaws removed. It was major surgery. Not a pleasant thing. I was already a middle aged cat at the time. I don’t remember the surgery, which is probably a good thing. My girl believes removing a cat’s foreclaws is a form of mutilation. She is correct. We are maimed for the rest of our lives. Yet, too many humans think it’s a good thing to do. What they mean … Continue reading Losing My Foreclaws

Across the Country—Plane Trip

Spot and I had to travel in some planes to get to another part of the country with my girl. We were separated from my girl during the journey and then reunited in the new place. We were placed into carriers. I hate being trapped in a box and I wasn’t the only one. Spot hated it as much as I did. We were separated from my girl and stuffed into cargo with luggage and a dog… I do not like dogs. Even when they are nice and fans of cats. Fortunately, the dog was in a carrier as we … Continue reading Across the Country—Plane Trip

New Home

I’m not sure what happened after we had camped out. I saw my girl moving our stuff out of the place we were in for one night. Spot and I hid from her. Just out of her reach. But it was no use. After she had taken everything out, she came back for us. By then it was dark. She stuffed me into another carrier. She put Spot into a backpack that she put on her back. She set my carrier down in a basket. The back basket of her tricycle. She took us to our new home. I had … Continue reading New Home

Camping Out

Tragedy had struck again. To this wonderful second family of mine. I was terribly upset, but I was able to adapt with them. I was able to look after Spot and my girl. I don’t know what happened or why. My girl couldn’t talk about it. Whatever it was, it was hard on her. Perhaps harder on her than on Spot or me. So, we had to move out of our first home we had shared together. We went to live in someone’s backyard in a tent. My girl slept in the tent at night. Spot and I would sleep … Continue reading Camping Out