New Apartment—Moving Again

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

After some time, my girl was able to get another apartment for the three of us. We were there for a time. Moving wasn’t fun, but after all our things were in and we were there, things got better fast. There was another sleeping alcove. She put up a curtain to make it dark and cozy just as before. Spot and I used to cuddle and sleep on her bed. It didn’t matter if she was there or not.

It was a noisy place. Much too noisy. Spot and I thought there would be strangers coming into the apartment. But there weren’t. It was just us. I’m glad it was just us. Strangers bother me. I don’t know if I can trust them. My girl understands that. She managed to get some good pictures of me and of Spot in this place.

We could hear our next door neighbors. There was at least one cat who meowed loudly enough to rival my vocal prowess. My girl thought we would end up talking to each other. But being cats knowing we lived on the opposite side of the wall and in a different apartment, we ignored each other.

The walls were too thin there. We could hear the neighbors watching tv. It wasn’t good for my girl. She had to go to bed earlier than they did and so she had a hard time falling asleep while they were watching tv. I did what I could for her, but it wasn’t very much.

But we didn’t stay here forever. I don’t know why. My girl never told us why. She just packed up our things and got us ready. We have moved too many times during our time together. I still don’t know why. My girl didn’t like it anymore than we did. I could tell by the way she was acting.

I just hope she will be okay sooner or later. I get that sometimes she has to work outside of our home, wherever it may be, and I miss her when she’s gone. But she does come home and pays attention to us. I just wish she could stay here all the time and work here instead.

I wonder how she would like that. But she has done that quite often. She seems happier when she works here at home than outside somewhere. Sure we could watch her leave the building. I’ve seen her many times on the street or sidewalk just outside. When that happened, she would wave at me.

I knew that it would be any minute that she would come through the door. So, I’d turn around and face the door. She’d get the message and come home in a matter of minutes. I just wish we could have stayed in the same place together for years and years. Moving around all the time was awful to deal with. My girl knew that and yet she was still able to keep us together though that rough period of her life.

But it wasn’t to be in this place either. *Sigh.* It makes me wish I could have done something to help her out. But I’m just a cat. There wasn’t anything I could do but offer my moral support. It wasn’t enough and she knows it as well as I do.

But I did at least get my wish. Eventually, we were able to stay in one place for years. It was the last home we shared together.

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