Cuddle in Other Languages

This month’s cat vocabulary is the word cuddle. It is an important word to cats who love to cuddle up to each other and to their human companions. They don’t all like to cuddle up on our laps. Some prefer to lay on top of us when we’re laying down. Or they simply cuddle up to us when we’re sleeping. They may cuddle up to our legs, arms, or even the top of our heads. Our heads tend to be the hairiest part of our bodies and cats know that. When they cuddle up to each other, they are in … Continue reading Cuddle in Other Languages

Purr in Other Languages

This month’s cat vocabulary is the word purr. It’s wonderful word to describe that sound cats make when they are typically very relaxed. They can be happy and meditating while they are purring. We can get their motor running or get them purring when we pet them gentle. They can purr when they cuddle up to us. They can even purr with their eyes half closed when we tell them out loud that we love them. Saying Purr in European Languages (source) Language Ways to say purr Albanian: kerrmëz Basque: Purra Belarusian: варкатаць Bosnian: predenje Bulgarian: мъркане Catalan: ronc Croatian: … Continue reading Purr in Other Languages