Cuddle in Other Languages

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

This month’s cat vocabulary is the word cuddle. It is an important word to cats who love to cuddle up to each other and to their human companions. They don’t all like to cuddle up on our laps. Some prefer to lay on top of us when we’re laying down.

Or they simply cuddle up to us when we’re sleeping. They may cuddle up to our legs, arms, or even the top of our heads. Our heads tend to be the hairiest part of our bodies and cats know that. When they cuddle up to each other, they are in contact with hair typically. That’s why they picked the top of our heads.

The kitten I bottle fed tended to sleep cuddled up to the top of my head. After he was fully grown, he was so big he could curl up around the top of my head. I loved waking up to him there.

Saying Cuddle in European Languages (source)

Language Ways to say cuddle
Albanian : përqafoj
Basque: cuddle
Belarusian: прыціскацца
Bosnian: zagrljaj
Bulgarian: сгушвам се
Catalan: abraçar
Croatian: maziti
Czech: hýčkat
Danish: kæle
Dutch: knuffelen
Estonian: kallistama
Finnish: halaus
French: caresse
Galician: chamego
German: Kuscheln
Greek: αγκαλιάζω(ankaliázo)
Hungarian: ölelkezés
Icelandic: kúra
Irish : cuddle
Italian: coccolare
Latvian: samīļot apskaujot
Lithuanian: priglausti
Macedonian: гушвам
Maltese: cuddle
Norwegian: kose
Polish: przytulać
Portuguese: Abraço
Romanian: îmbrățișa
Russian: прижиматься(prizhimat’sya)
Serbian: загрљај(zagrljaj)
Slovak: hýčkať
Slovenian: Občevanje
Spanish: abrazo
Swedish: omfamning
Ukrainian: притискатися(prytyskatysya)
Welsh: cwtsh
Yiddish: קאַדאַל

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