graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

We cats come in a wide variety of coats. Some would say we’re different breeds. I’d prefer to talk about our coats. My coat is a tuxedo with white paws. Spot is mostly white with some black accents. Isis is a sleek black cat. Nuri is a gray tabby or a silver cheshire as my girl likes to say.

We come in different colors and patterns. Well, there are tabbies or cheshires and of course classic black and white. Not to mention calico or tortie. Some are even hairless. I bet they get cold and perhaps sunburnt at times as my girl does. So, if you live with a hairless cat, make sure they have some clothes to wear or somewhere warm to go.

I suppose a hairless cat is perfect for those of you humans who are allergic to cat hair. Don’t forget there is also a hypo-allergic cat who has hair. They look like ordinary cats. But I suppose those hypo-allergic cats could make a difference and keep you from being lonely, even when you’re allergic to our hair.

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