Staying At My House: A Review

photo by Clarabelle Fields

I have been staying at the Clarabelle’s House Hotel for the past three years now. Since I’ve been residing here for so long, I thought it was fitting that I write this review to lend other cats some insight into what life would be like here should they decide to turn up meowing at the doorstep.

The accommodations themselves are spectacular. They are spacious and luxurious and will definitely make you feel like the tiger of your jungle. There are large windows for bird-watching and plenty of square meters of plush carpet to lounge on. An added plus: sunlight comes in through those windows and provides perfect places for naps and grooming. This hotel also comes with a good number of premiere napping spots — two cat beds on the floor, a cat tree, a couch, two human beds — as well as a large private litter box room. If exploration is more your style, there are several large closets to play around in, as well as a tantalizing garage, although the door to that playroom is often locked.

The staff here are overall friendly, approachable, and pleasant to be around. They are quiet and generally do not disturb you while you’re staying here. They allow you to have free range of the accommodations most of the time — with the exception of that garage. They are also professional cuddlers and masseuses and are always happy to offer you a massage or snuggle to help you feel better throughout the day. They also offer a complimentary spa service, where you can be brushed and have your nails trimmed for free. They also provide a decent supply of catnip and yarn to keep you entertained during your stay.

One downside, however, to staying here is that room service is sometimes frustratingly slow. I think if you are going to be staying in such a fancy accommodation, you should have decent room service. Room service isn’t bad all the time, but there are definitely mornings where breakfast is served late, sometimes by as much as an hour, and there are other times when room service requests aren’t met in a timely manner. I would sometimes sit by the bathroom sink and yell for 15 minutes or more before fresh water was served to me. And portion sizes are always too small here. I think the kitchen staff likes to cut corners, and it definitely shows.

Overall, I would give this place 3.5 out of 5 stars. This hotel ranks excellently in terms of space, friendliness, cleanliness, and entertainment, but it leaves room for improvement when it comes to room service and meals.

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