Running Away

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

It’s time for a confession from me. As you know from the previous chapter, I didn’t like the kitten when I had first met him. He drove me absolutely crazy. Eventually, I got used to him as I had gotten used to my girl and the fairies. But it wasn’t a gradual thing. In fact, I did something which hurt my girl very much. I ran off. I left our home and went to live outside for a little while.

I was that mad about the kitten. I couldn’t stand to be there anymore. And, well, it was time for the kitten to grow up and be on his own. I was that fed up. So, I went outside and decided I didn’t want to go back and live with my girl or the kitten anymore. I didn’t care how cold it was. I didn’t care if it would snow. Not that snow was very likely where we were. There wasn’t even grass growing in the area. Mostly just dirt.

It was easy to get out. By then, there were times when my girl would let us out or even take us out for walks. We were never outside for long. But it was good to go out. I think my girl understood that. She just wouldn’t let me out until I had learned this was my home now.

I wasn’t that far away from our apartment. My girl came out to beg and plead with me to come home. I refused at first. But there was something in her voice that touched me. She kept begging and telling me how much she missed me. I realized then how much she loved me. I began to see how much it hurt her for me to refuse to live with her.

*Sigh.* She is a whirlwind, but she is a kind and loving person. She’s as devoted to me as I am to her. She is the one I knew I wanted to be with. She had proven it to me that she was the right caregiver and caretaker for me. I just had to accept her silliness and playfulness. She is exactly what I need in my life. Even when she’s driving me crazy.

So, I went back home with her. I also didn’t tend to go outside much after that. I knew how good I had it with her as an indoor cat. I decided to stay in spite of the kitten and her silliness.

So, why did I leave in the first place? I needed a break. Raising a kitten is hard work. I was beginning to understand why my mother had left us when she did. Perhaps we had become too much for her? The kitten could take care of himself at that point. So, it wasn’t as if I needed to stick around anymore.

I had taught him all I knew for five weeks. There wasn’t more I could teach him after that. Perhaps some fine tuning or tell him more about my brother Spitter or the little bits I remembered about Inky and Paintbrush. There wasn’t much point in me talking about my girl. Spot already knew her fairly well.

But then again, I didn’t have to act like my mother. I could go back to someone who loved me and took good care of me. I could also go back to someone who looked up to me. So, in the end I went home. I was loved, adored, and admired for once in my life. I didn’t have to be like my mother. I could do what she didn’t do for me for this kitten.

I’m glad I went back even though they are both too silly for me. At least we all loved each other and were willing to get along. That’s what it means to have a real family. We love each other unconditionally no matter how much we drive each other crazy. We have each other’s backs in tough times. We aren’t willing to give up on each other. We help each other, even if all we can do if to give moral support.

There were times when we would take turns hitting each other. Not hard. Just hard enough to get the point across. The easy and simple way to tell someone else, “You are annoying me.” It wasn’t to hurt each other. We were just venting. It was how we are able to get along for as long as we are together.

I don’t regret having a family. They mean the world to me. Having a family of my own after I had lost my biological relatives wasn’t something I ever expected to find again. And it’s all thanks to the whirlwind known as my girl. It’s all her fault and she knows it.

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