Living with Other Cats

I’ve lived with other cats inside. Usually it’s easier when you share the home. There’s no reason for vicious fights. But cats from outside try to come in and take over. Those cats aren’t fun. They are bullies. Sometimes cats just show up and want to come in because they are attracted to my girl. It’s true she’s a crazy cat lady or gattara as the Italians say. Cats are attracted to her ever since I claimed her as my own. She did bring home a kitten and eventually he grew up. I’m so glad he did. I couldn’t stand … Continue reading Living with Other Cats

Nuri Interview

I came across Nuri who is currently living with my girl. She readily agreed to an interview. Sir Socks (SS): How long have you lived with my girl? Nuri: For a few years. We’ve bounced around quite a few times. I hope we don’t have to travel again, but she seems to think we will. SS: I lived in a few different places with her. I don’t know what the problem is. Whatever it is, it’s bad. I think she has asked for help and can’t get what she needs. Nuri: I know she has anxiety that gets too high … Continue reading Nuri Interview

Cat Quotes 2:09

Meow is like aloha—it can mean anything. —Hank Ketchum It only sounds like meow to us humans. There are subtle nuances to every meow we hear unless the cat is repeating the same syllable to a human who just doesn’t understand more complex sentences they can speak among themselves. As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. —Ellen Perry Berkeley This is very true. If you ask any cat they will tell you bluntly that you can never ever own one of them. I don’t even try to own one. I just live with them. Continue reading Cat Quotes 2:09