Living with Other Cats

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

I’ve lived with other cats inside. Usually it’s easier when you share the home. There’s no reason for vicious fights. But cats from outside try to come in and take over. Those cats aren’t fun. They are bullies.

Sometimes cats just show up and want to come in because they are attracted to my girl. It’s true she’s a crazy cat lady or gattara as the Italians say. Cats are attracted to her ever since I claimed her as my own. She did bring home a kitten and eventually he grew up. I’m so glad he did.

I couldn’t stand when he was a kitten and just wanted to play with me. I just wanted to be left alone so I could sleep and dream. He never cared. He thought since I was the adult cat that I would play with him whenever he wanted to.

After he became an adult, I discovered how much I love him. The little guy grew on me. He still looks up to me, but now it was at the same level.

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