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About Frisky’s Friends and Scarves

cover designed by Ali Noel Vyain

We are currently compiling a new ebook, which is the sequel to Cat Tales of the Frisky9 Scarf Army to tell the story of Frisky’s scarves and how they affect others. Frisky’s Friends and Scarves are spread throughout the world and each has a tale. It’s free to sign up and be a part of the book. The royalties from this new ebook will go to the featured charity of Australian microbats.

We’d love to hear the cat’s tale and see the photos of the cats. Signing up is free and easy. There are four different categories for the Frisky’s Friends (FF) and each has its own page. Please select the most appropriate one for you.

Category 1: FF Crafters
Category 2: FF Have Donated to Another Cat or Have Received
Category 3: FF Animal Charity Box Donations Recipients
Category 4: Other Significant Event Fundraisers eg: MAD Scarves, Wedding of the Century, etc.

Images will have to be attached to emails as the forms will not accept them.

Questions can be directed to either Ali (@silmoonbard) or Frisky Le Rouge (@frisky9). Ali is the main person working on this project, along side Frisky.

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