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Submission Guidelines

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

This monthly magazine is about cats, cat adventures, cat care, and cat charities. If you are interested in becoming one of the staff writers or even just a contributor for at least one issue, you must have an account with, which is free, so you will be given credit for your work. A WordPress account does include a free website, which you don’t have to do anything with unless you want.

*This magazine is online only. There is no printed version.

*Please note: You must have a WordPress account or else we cannot publish your work. There are no exceptions because we cannot give you credit for your work. This is how WordPress works.

*Please note: We cannot pay you for your writing. However, if accepted, you may promote your work in this online magazine free of charge. You can, of course, add whatever gets published in this magazine to your resume/CV.
*Reprints, re-releases and simultaneous submissions are accepted.
*Your work will be used only once on this site and then the others rights are still yours.

What we are looking for:
*Information on cat charities: where you are located, what you do, which cats you help, adoption information, etc.
*Questions about cat care.
*Advice from cats.
*Articles on tips and care of cats will be considered.
*Articles on cat facts will be considered.
*Articles written from the point of view of a cat will be considered. We will view such articles as a form of creative non-fiction.
*Poetry or fiction stories about cats. They can be written by cats.
*Books about cats or written by cats serialized by month.

Once accepted as a contributor:
*One piece of writing per post.
*Adding html code is not necessary. If your piece needs any code to format it better, a member of our staff can add it in.
*If you have images, you will have to email them to us as an attachment and let us know which piece needs the images.
*You can add as many pieces of writing as you’d like. We will schedule them once we have accepted them.

If interested, please send us a message via our Contact page.

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