Princess Lily Versus Nuri

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

Sometimes cats just don’t get along. As a cat, I know. I didn’t always get along with my brothers or with the kitten I raised with my girl. We cats do fight. Usually, when we live inside with someone caring for us, we do not fight to the death. We just scream and yell at each other and sometimes come to physical blows.

I stress to you humans if you see and hear us fighting, please keep in mind as long as we aren’t clawing each other or causing any kind of wounds, you don’t need to worry. We are dealing with the tension of the moment. Princess Lily and Nuri just don’t get along. I don’t know why not. They tend to hiss at each other too much. Sometimes Nuri tries to play with Princess Lily who doesn’t like to play.

Only a few times have they done more than hiss and scream at each other. Neither got hurt. My girl was usually around to get them separated or just have them stop altogether. In the case of Princess Lily and Nuri, it is best to stop them from taking it too far as my girl does. Fortunately, they tend to avoid each other often or are in their separate rooms so they can’t get to each other and cause trouble when the humans are sleeping. Or trying to sleep as the case maybe.

Sometimes we just play wrestle. My girl has seen Spot and me fighting like that enough that she found it amusing. She never got between us. She knew we were playing.

Please watch carefully and soon you will learn if it’s a bad personality clash or just sheer play or even a way to diffuse the tension between us.

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