Cats Are People

drawing by Ali Noel Vyain

The fact that I have to say cats are people indicates a serious problem in this world. As a cat, I watch humans and can’t understand why you seem to think it’s okay to fight among yourselves to decide who gets medical treatment and decent food to eat. Those same prejudicial humans like to assert cats are objects to be owned and not people at all.

Those humans have no idea how wrong they are. It’s your thinking which is wrong and deranged. It’s the kind of thinking which leads to serious illnesses. I can be sneaky. I’m so quiet and stealthful that I don’t have to deal with you. I can avoid you and I do.

That is why I am glad I was blessed with someone like my girl. She never gave me a hard time for being a cat. If anything, she accepted me as I am and encouraged me to become braver. She saw the good in me and encouraged me to be better. I did the same for her. I taught her about unconditional love and she has never forgotten those lessons.

Cats are people and so is my girl. I’m not sure I want to consider prejudicial humans to be people because they refuse to consider me a person. My girl considers me a person as she does all cats. She knows we are not objects to be owned.

Oh, and my girl has told me she has had to tell humans similar things about her. She knows she’s a person and not an object to be owned by anyone else. No wonder we get along so well.

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