Nuri Still Wants to Play

At eight years old, Nuri still likes to play. She tries to play with Lily and that doesn’t go over very well. Lily doesn’t like to play and thinks and insists Nuri is trying to attack her royal highness. So, my girl does the best thing she can do. She plays with Nuri. My girl tells Lily she plays with Nuri to protect her royal highness. Lily still doesn’t like it. If she had her way, Nuri wouldn’t be around.

My girl won’t agree to any such terms as she and Nuri are a bonded pair. Only death can separate them now. So, Lily isn’t sure what is going on. Clearly, Lily is an older cat and somewhat cranky. She doesn’t have to play at her age, but Nuri needs the exercise. So, Nuri go ahead and play as much as you want.

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