Lily is Old & Cranky

Lily is getting older and doesn’t feel great much of the time. It can happen to any cat. We all age and sooner or later we do feel old. My girl just hopes we still get to experience good health too. She doesn’t mind if we slow down and require some humoring now and then. She’s good at taking care of us. She just doesn’t want us to get sick.

Lily has digestive issues and that can’t be helping with her mood. So, she gets cranky at times. My girl knows that and so doesn’t hurt Lily whenever she poops or throws up on the floor. Sometimes my girl gets upset and will scold Lily gently. Lily tends to play dumb and pretend she doesn’t understand.

At other times, Lily tries to complain about Nuri even though Nuri isn’t doing anything at all. Or Lily will hiss at my girl for seemingly no reason at all. It’s no wonder that my girl just walks away and lets Lily complain. Unlike the complains I gave my girl, Lily’s tend to be worthless and not things my girl can fix.

So, in her teens, Lily is allowed to be old and cranky. It’s a good thing her favorite human is aging too. They can grow old together and get cranky together as much as they want.

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