Not All Cats Like Children

I can’t say I like children. They can be a bit too mean. I can never tell what they will do to me. So, I usually try and tell them to leave me alone. Not that they understand what I’m saying, but I do try. My girl understands and knows I don’t care for children. She never faulted me for it.

I know some cats do like children. Nuri tends to walk up to strange children and will talk kindly to them. That is not something I will do. I’ll stay back. When they get older and respect my boundaries, it’s easier for me to have them around.

Just when that point is, is not something I can pin down. I suppose it has to do with the person. It’s all too easy for young children to want to approach cats and try to pet us. When adults do the same thing, they are much more cautious and prefer to let us come to them. That’s a much better approach. Some of us can’t stand for strangers to get too close.

It’s not you. We just don’t know if we can trust you. When we learn we can, then it’s a different story. It’s just more especially true with young children. They don’t know any better and I do hope they can learn to respect cats as they grow up. Otherwise, I don’t want them around me.

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