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New Quarters and Intrigue

photo by Clarabelle Fields

Greetings, dearest followers. It has been a long month of journeying and adventure for your imperial leader. Some big changes have occurred in the humans’ world, the specifics of which I do not yet fully know or understand. I do not usually concern myself too much with their goings-on, but this time their business crossed over into my world. I found myself in transit, on a trip into the unknown. I did complain, but alas, it seems this journey out of my territory was a necessity.

I am penning you this letter now from a new land and entirely new quarters. My trusty forever human is with me, as are now two other humans who smell and sound like her. I have heard them referred to as my “grandparents”, but I do not think of them this way. They have become part of my royal court, and they are my two new favorites. I love my forever human, no doubt, but these two new subjects understand the importance of generosity, and they lovingly indulge my whims for snacks and fresh flowing water. They certainly treat me as an emperor should be treated, and I hope my forever human learns some things from them!

My forever human assures me this change is temporary. She says we will soon return to my territory, where I have my own tree and my own garden full of birds. Until then, I have to be content with the view of someone else’s garden. It’s not too bad here. I have a penthouse suite all to myself — at least, most of the time.

There is a darker side to all of this. There is intrigue afoot, my dear subjects, another cat in this house, and she has reigned over this territory far long than I have reigned over mine.

photo by Clarabelle Fields

She is the omnipotent queen of these parts, and she is not to be trifled with. I had the misfortune of meeting her once, and never again. She was like a hellhound out of a nightmare, ready and seasoned for battle. She has the battle scars to prove it, too, and she nearly gave me one of my own. My forever human, my bodyguard, sacrificed herself to stop this attempt on my life. It looks like we will not be forging a feline alliance after all.

Since our encounter, the queen has remained by herself, downstairs, and she has not come near me again. I have staked out my own little corner of her world, and I will remain here until it is time to return to my empire. My forever human is keeping a careful watch at the door. I never doubted her fealty, but now I know for sure she is on my side, now and forever.

photo by Clarabelle Fields

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