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My Memoirs

The Life Adventures of Sir Socks Le Chat

Currently available at Smashwords: The Life Adventures of Sir Socks Le Chat

Finally. After all the dictation and translation and editing…cover design and the book layout into ebook format, my girl and I have finished my book of memoirs. She put it up for sale on Smashwords earlier this week. They have approved it to be distributed to other retailers. In a matter of days, perhaps as long as a week, my book will be available just about anywhere ebooks are sold.

I’m now a very happy cat. I can relax. I’ve written my thoughts on my life. Perhaps I can earn a bit of money for myself and my girl. She is wonderful if a bit too silly at times. She does know me better than any other non-cat person ever has. I’m glad she is a big part of my life. She deserves recognition for what she has done for me over my life. She may not agree with me. I know she is glad I am a part of her life too.

Of course my memoirs will continue to be serialized here online. But if you can’t wait every month for another installment, then feel free to download a copy of my finished book for US$2.99. Happy reading while I take a well deserved long nap.


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