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Color Blindness

graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

I am a cat and some humans think I’m color blind. They truly believe cats can’t see any colors. Some realize we can see some colors, but not as well as many humans do. I know there were times my girl would give me tiny pieces of white cheddar cheese as a treat. She would set the pieces on the tile floor which was alternating black and white tiles. I could see the cheese on the black tiles without any trouble. But I couldn’t see them on the white tiles. She used to feed me the cheese with her bare hands until I accidentally bit one of her fingers. Not hard enough to hurt her, but enough that it startled her. It was because I couldn’t see clearly where the cheese was on her hands very well.

So, we’re not exactly color blind. I know I’m a black and white tuxedo cat with white paws. But that doesn’t mean I’ll see other colors very well as my girl learned when she was feeding me little pieces of white cheddar cheese.


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