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graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

I never knew my waste could cause my girl trouble. There is a disease called Toxoplasmosis which humans can get from cleaning up cat infected wastes. My girl usually is very good about cleaning out the litter boxes everyday. If she didn’t it would give the disease causing parasite a chance to cause problems in anyone without a good immune system. Vets will caution humans with weak immune systems or those who are pregnant. One way to help prevent this parasite from causing any problems is by cleaning out the litter box or tray everyday and washing their hands afterwards.

I don’t want my girl or other human servants to get sick. So, please clean out the litter box or tray often. I know I appreciate a clean box. It does get full when there are others who use it too. I strongly urge you to not forget so you don’t get sick. Oh, and wash your hands when you’re done. That’s another good way to stop the spread of disease.


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