Lily & Nuri Star in Game of Cats

My girl likes to doodle or actually draw at times. One thing she can draw is cats. So, she drew some cats and eventually came up with a little comic with just one episode so far known as Game of Cats. It features Princess Tiger Lily versus Lady Nuria. It’s just line drawings, but it gets the point across. Those who have seen this as a movie find it funny.

I’m not surprised people find it funny. My girl can be silly and she adores us cats quite a bit. So, it’s a good thing for her to do when she doesn’t have anything else going on. I hope she does some more episodes. Perhaps her drawing will improve and she’ll have an interesting little comic for all of us to read and see.

I wonder if I could get her to draw more pictures of me? Perhaps I could star in one of her comics…

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